Pema Chödrön— Luminaries 2013: Reader Choice!

Pema Chödrön— Luminaries 2013: Reader Choice!

Here's why S&H readers chose Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön as their spiritual hero for 2013.

Photograph by Susan Lirakis

Pema's wisdom is an absolutely essential guide to anyone on a path of healing. —Kym Kimberly Dray

She is very relatable. I aspire to follow her example yet she's very honest about her shortcomings. In a word: human. —Lorrie Browne

She has made incredible sacrifices.— Betsy Packard

Her helped me in guidance through some hard times. I have learned a lot; she helped me on my path. —Della Jo Wilson Piarulli

I read her book When Things Fall Apart seven years ago while trying to sell a home during a divorce, living in it with no furniture and just my bed and lamp. Each night, reading her book kept me going and helped me to understand.— Emily Navas, Classical Acupuncture

She’s totally authentic.—Jackie Lynn Schweitzer

She challenges us by sharing that she also has these same issues. She speaks straight to our hearts and lights the path. —Heidi Behr

She seems very authentic when she speaks and she laughs while she shares her wisdom. Her books are simple and wise. I relate to her Jewish/NY upbringing!— Jodi B. Yaver

She is an earth angel. Her voice is so soothing and confident. I own several of her audio books and a few books authored by her and share them with others when I get a chance.— Susan Scobee

Why do you love Pema Chödrön? Share your response in the comments section, below.

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