5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Five)

5-Day Ayurveda Primer (Day Five)

Natural Healing Wisdom from the Chopra Center

Day Five: Taking Ayurveda Further — Review and Resources

In our challenge so far, we’ve specifically addressed the defining characteristics of the doshas, balancing tastes in our diets to maintain equilibrium, and the integrated approach of the mind-body connection in addressing health issues. Consider this information as it becomes manifest in the following essential Ayurvedic principles for restoring and maintaining mind-body balance, which are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Allow them to inform your daily routine.

1) Take time each day to quiet your mind (meditate).
2) Eat a colorful, flavorful diet.
3) Engage in daily exercise that enhances flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.
4) Sleep soundly at night.
5) Eliminate what is not serving you.
6) Cultivate loving, nurturing relationships.
7) Perform work that awakens your passion.


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Day Five: Taking Ayurveda Further - Resources

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