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5 Questions for Seane Corn

Acclaimed yoga teacher and activist shares her strategy for staying connected to her practice.

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1. What is your biggest challenge as a teacher? My biggest challenge is the projections that I sometimes experience from students. When someone opens, it is natural to look to the source of that opening—the teacher—and project onto that person qualities or perceptions that are idealistic. I manage projection by trying to be as honest as I can about my own humanity, and I work hard not buy into any hype that might be projected onto me by others—otherwise it is difficult to stay grounded and centered in my message. 2. Have you ever lost connection with your practice? If so, how did you reconnect? There have certainly been some ebbs and flows in my practice during my 28 years on the mat. When I use my practice to pray, when I dedicate every movement and breath to something bigger than myself, I can usually tap into something deeper than the physical and reinspire my practice as a result. 3. How does your practice inform your activism? When I practice yoga and release physical and emotional tension, it allows me to experience myself, each being, and this planet as interdependent and c …

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