Book Review: Wyrdcraft

The Old English wyrd (pronounced “weird”) means fate or destiny. It is the spiritual web that gives our life meaning and connects us all. Ever present and elemental, it is the sour…
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The Power of Awe

Book Review: The Power of Awe

What if you were offered a microdose as potent as a psychotropic that lifts depression and gives you a buzz? Would you try it? Turns out, we all have access to something just as po…
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Gentle Power by Emilia Elisabet Lahti, PhD

Book Review: Gentle Power

For many of us, the word “power” evokes images of executives around a conference table, politicians delivering fiery speeches, or, unfortunately, all kinds of violence. But what if…
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No Bears poster

Film Review: No Bears

Despite being the subject of a filmmaking ban imposed by the Iranian government, Jafar Panahi has defied his country’s authorities by directing five features since the ban was impo…
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Utama poster

Film Review: Utama

Utama, which has been chosen as Bolivia’s Academy Awards submis-sion, opens with a striking image of a man walking towards a setting sun across a landscape of cracked and scorched …
Synesthesia by Sherry Finzer

Music Review: Synesthesia

Sherry Finzer’s new album is a journey of radiant solo flute music that releases stress and relaxes the mind and body. Finzer specializes in native flutes and low flutes. This is t…
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The New Faith by Jake Blount

Music Review: The New Faith

The New Faith is a beautifully crafted Afrofuturist album by Jake Blount that tells the story of a group of Black climate refugees who are cursed to wander the planet after it’s de…
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Namwayut A Path to Reconciliation

Book Review: Namwayut

Sometimes the path to peace is through a struggle with self. This was so for Chief Robert Joseph, a survivor of a residential school for Indigenous children in Canada. For him, t…
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Book Review: Koshersoul

Reading Koshersoul can make you hungry—not just because it talks about food, but because it also discusses other nourishing aspects of life, including spirituality, community, belo…
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