Music Review: Synesthesia

reviewed by John Malkin
Synesthesia by Sherry Finzer

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Sherry Finzer’s new album is a journey of radiant solo flute music that releases stress and relaxes the mind and body. Finzer specializes in native flutes and low flutes. This is the fourth album in her Naked Flute series. These 12 deeply calming tunes, with titles like “Beautiful Fields of Emerald Lights” and “Crimson Evening Solitude,” evoke the imagery of their titles.

Finzer captured a spacious, natural sound by recording inside a unique reverberating building called The Tank in Rangely, Colorado. The 70-foot-tall empty water cistern was originally built for the Rio Grande Railroad. Finzer told S&H, “It’s a mag-ical space to record in. With reverb that lasts up to 45 seconds, it’s easy to carry on a musical soulversation with The Tank and feel that you’re in another world at the same time.”

Finzer adds: “The music I create resonates with many listeners, who say the music has helped them deal with pain, tinnitus, and stress, as well as bouts of grief and depression.”

Synesthesia is dedicated to Finzer’s late mother-in-law and to all who suffer with diseases that affect memory, like Alzheimer’s and dementia. She explains, “Synesthesia explores the relationship between music and colors—whether the colors are seen with the eye or felt through the music.”

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