2020 Jan/Feb

Making Joy

From The Editor

Kathryn Drury Wagner

From the Editor

The letter from the editor kicks off each issue and helps set the tone for the magazine. Over the next six issues, members of the S&H team will be writing the letter. This issue’s writer, Kathryn Drury Wagner, is our wellness editor and resident social media guru, hot sauce fanatic, and wellness enthusiast.



Poetry Page

Steps by Andrea D'Aquino

Poem: Over and Over Again

The sand doesn’t change. It stays true to itself, and the ocean still comes back. / And kisses her over and over again.

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Inner + Outer Worlds


Winter rural landscape with the sun shining behind a beautiful snow-covered tree on a field, with blue sky

Toolbox: Bring Back the Light

The surge of energy (and emotions) around the year-end holidays has waned, yet winter’s short days and long nights are still here. Surround yourself with sunlight—literal and…



The Way of the Rose book cover

Book Review: The Way of the Rose

You might expect a book about the rosary and Marian apparitions to be written by strict Catholics. However, authors Clark Strand and Perdita Finn are a former Zen Buddhist monk and a feminist former teacher, respectively, and they were surprised to be called toward the rosary.

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The Gift movie poster

Film Review: Gift

There is a radical utopianism at the heart of Gift, but for its 90-minute running time, Robin McKenna’s documentary makes you believe such a world is possible. The film, inspi…
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