Quiz: Where Are You on the Self-Love Journey?

Quiz: Where Are You on the Self-Love Journey?

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Are you a self-starter, self-protector, self-apprentice, or self-love rock star? Take this quiz to discover where you’re at on your journey toward self-love.

Years ago, I shared with a spiritual teacher that I’m often harder on myself than I am on anyone else. A part of me, I think, took this tendency as a point of pride. She set me straight, and quickly.

She told me that this tendency to be strict and unforgiving with myself while acknowledging that others deserve a break is a form of egoism. She went on to say that, by holding myself to a different set of standards compared to others, I was placing myself on a pedestal.

She also told me that if I don’t practice love and acceptance for myself first, despite all my foibles and missteps, then the love and acceptance I offer others is not completely genuine. Ouch.

As you can imagine, this conversation landed hard. But it also put me on a journey of self-inquiry toward self-love—one that began by asking, “Do I love myself just as I am, unconditionally?”

To get a feel of where you are on the self-love journey, answer the questions below as honestly as possible. Be gentle in your assessment: if you score low, simply know that that means you’re at the beginning of a sweet, sweet journey to a whole new relationship with yourself.

Self-Love Quiz

  1. How comfortable am I being alone?

    1. I can’t be alone for very long without seeking a distraction

    2. People who spend a lot of time alone seem weird to me

    3. I make alone time part of my self-care routine

    4. I am my own best friend and confidante

  2. When I don’t get the raise/promotion/acknowledgment I think I deserve, how do I react?

    1. I blame myself; I should’ve done better

    2. I blame others; the system is rigged

    3. Eh, you win some, you lose some

    4. I take time to journal or talk with someone about how I feel, then I move on with my life

  3. If I’m struggling on a project, I…

    1. get easily frustrated and often quit

    2. decide that the project itself is faulty

    3. ask for help, but feel guilty about having to do so; I shouldn’t take other people’s time

    4. reach out for help with no guilt or apologies; everyone is always learning

  4. When it comes to receiving greetings, praise, thank you’s, and other forms of acknowledgement, I…

    1. gobble it up like candy; I need regular external validation

    2. expect it and get annoyed when it doesn’t come

    3. like hearing it, but feel uncomfortable accepting it (“Oh, this old thing?”)

    4. easily accept the compliment/praise (“Thanks! I like my new haircut too!”)

  5. When I’m in a setting/situation that makes me uncomfortable, I…

    1. grin and bear it; I don’t want to bring attention to myself

    2. judge others, either in my mind or outwardly (gossiping, snide comments, etc.)

    3. make up an excuse to leave/not participate

    4. speak up with clarity and follow through with a decision—staying or leaving—that feels most aligned with my needs/energy/safety

  6. Self-care to me is…

    1. indulgent and expensive

    2. a waste of time

    3. something I know I should do, but neglect

    4. an essential part of my life

  7. If I’m in a friendship/relationship that’s no longer working, I…

    1. stay much longer than I should

    2. list all the ways the other person is in the wrong

    3. start showing up later and later or ghost the person

    4. recognize that not all relationships are forever, express this with clarity, and move on

  8. When I make a mistake that others witness, I…

    1. beat myself up and get embarrassed

    2. blame something or someone else

    3. try to explain/excuse it, but vow to fix it immediately

    4. own the mistake entirely; seek help if I need to make it right

  9. Do I make time for the things I love?

    1. What things?

    2. If I didn’t have to do everything for everyone else, maybe I could

    3. My holidays and weekends are all about me

    4. I make time for hobbies and things I love every day

  10. What best describes the quality of my self-talk?

    1. I berate myself; it’s the only way I’ll get anything done

    2. I don’t look at myself often; there’s so much out there that needs to get fixed

    3. I usually find a way to justify my choices, whether they’re good or bad

    4. I work hard on dialoguing with myself in a way that feels both compassionate and disciplined

  11. When I’m going through a traumatic time, I…

    1. wonder what I did to deserve it

    2. wish people would leave me alone

    3. try to take it one day at a time

    4. actively seek out help and support; no one should go through it alone

  12. When I look in the mirror, I…

    1. pick out every flaw

    2. wonder why no one makes clothes that fit right anymore

    3. notice the changes, but focus on what I love about myself

    4. see the story of my life in the lines, curves, and folds of my body

  13. When I first begin an exercise program, I…
    1. push as hard as I possibly can; I should’ve started this years ago

    2. focus on comparing myself to others

    3. try to focus on myself, but occasionally get caught up in negative thinking/comparison

    4. pay attention to how I feel and where the challenges are; adapt accordingly

The Results of Your Self-Love Quiz

If You Answered Mostly A’s

You are a self-starter

You are quite hard on yourself. This could be due to your upbringing, traumas, and other life experiences that made you feel it’s all your fault or responsibility. But it’s not. It’s not your fault, and you can’t do everything perfectly. You owe it to yourself to find out more about who you are, a little at a time. Think of someone—it can even be a character in a movie or a book—who loves themselves unconditionally, and begin by modeling yourself after them until that behavior becomes your own. And remember: You are only human. This life is not easy. Gentle is the way to go!

If You Answered Mostly B's

You are a self-protector

You’re largely in a state of projection (passing off our own behavior and shortcomings as someone else’s), which can also be understood as a state of protection. There is not enough self-love within you to hold bigger truths, so you project them onto others. Practice taking responsibility for your actions without piling on guilt or shame. Owning all the parts of ourselves—failures, shortcomings, wins, and challenges—is both a result and act of self-love.

If You Answered Mostly C's

You are a self-apprentice

You’re getting there! You know your truth and you want to walk a path of self-love, but you’re still holding back. Just keep practicing using your voice without apology and owning your actions without attachment or aversion, and you’ll be a self-love rock star in no time!

If You Answered Mostly D's

You are a self-love rock star

What are you still doing here? Get out there and show everyone how to love themselves like you do.

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Quiz Where Are You on the Self Love Journey

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