14 Team Affirmations For Working With Others

14 Team Affirmations For Working With Others


For when you're working with a team in potentially stressful situations, these group affirmations provide grounding.

According to Ayurvedic principles, I fall within the pitta dosha. I’m a redhead, often intense, and prone to being impatient. When the weather gets warmer in summer months, I find my fiery nature gets out of balance and I become more irritable and snappish. This is all fine and good if one works from home, but what if you need to be in an office? I bet there’s a team there that won’t enjoy having their heads bitten off like the top of a Peep chick.

We have to balance our emotional and physical selves; true. Working well within a team requires self-care and awareness so we can be our best selves, even under pressure. But it also requires that we look outward as well. Who are the people around you? What are their strengths and weaknesses, their love languages, as it were? Look with fresh eyes on your team, and acknowledge that you probably are more effective working with a group, than you are solo. Here are some positive team affirmations to help you during that process:

  1. Together, we have wisdom.
  2. Today, our team is positive and engaged.
  3. No one is perfect, including me.
  4. We each have something to offer and share.
  5. Great teams don’t hold anyone back.
  6. We each have a role to play in our team’s success.
  7. Creative intelligence dwells within our group.
  8. Our team has integrity and passion.
  9. I value and respect everyone’s opinion, and they, mine.
  10. We can change our results by changing our attitudes.
  11. We empower each other toward greatness.
  12. We accept challenges as opportunities.
  13. Our adventures are bringing us closer together.
  14. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Looking for more positive statements to focus on? Try these seven affirmations to soothe your inner critic.

Kathryn Drury Wagner is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles. Her latest book is Hawaii’s Strangest, Ickiest, Wildest Book Ever!, a science and natural history “gross out” for young readers.

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