Podcast: Myles Mellor, The Zen of Crossword Puzzles

Podcast: Myles Mellor, The Zen of Crossword Puzzles

What is the history of crossword puzzles and why do we love solving them? Author and puzzle writer Myles Mellor explains the neurological and emotional benefits of your daily crossword.

Myles Mellor is one of the top crossword writers in the world, having been published in over 1000 magazines, newspapers, and web outlets. He's had over 20,000 crosswords published worldwide, and supplies theme crosswords, diamond crosswords, syndicated puzzles, cryptograms, diagramless crosswords, word search, sudokus, anagrams, and word games. He can be reached through his website at

“People aren’t looking to try and solve a crossword they can’t solve. What they’re looking for is something that challenges them to a degree. The time they spend doing that is just a pleasure, it’s intellectual stimulation.”

In this episode, Myles and Rabbi Rami talk about the pleasure of challenges, mysteries, and seeking help from others.

Read Rabbi Rami's thoughts on this podcast here.

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