Podcast: Dr. Rachel Turow, The Self-Talk Workout

Podcast: Dr. Rachel Turow, The Self-Talk Workout

How can we transform our negative self-talk into self-compassion? A doctor of clinical psychology and mindfulness practitioner shows us how.

Dr. Rachel Goldsmith Turow is a psychotherapist in private practice, a research scientist, and an adjunct faculty member at Seattle University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. She has trained hundreds of individuals to use mindfulness, self-compassion, and cognitive behavioral skills to transform their self-criticism into self-encouragement and to cultivate resilience.

An excerpt from her most recent book, The Self-Talk Workout: Six Science-Backed Strategies to Dissolve Self-Criticism and Transform the Voice in Your Head, is featured in the September/October print issue of Spirituality & Health.

“If there’s any way to soften the critical voice, there’s more energy for making the world better, making your life better, and for feeling better.”

In this episode, Rachel and Rabbi Rami chat about self-talk vs. self-esteem, the writing process, and the healing power of mindfulness.

Read Rabbi Rami's musings on this interview here.

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