Poem: Most Valuable

Poem: Most Valuable

From our poet of the month, ALFA


“You want to love fully, yet at the same time / you have to keep a measure of love / for yourself.”

Most Valuable

It takes an extreme amount of courage to
open your heart and allow another to
peek inside.
You want to love fully, yet at the same time
you have to keep a measure of love
for yourself.
So instead of using a measuring cup, you
walk a tightrope that is blowing in the wind
and you go back and forth. And one day you
learn how to love someone with everything
you possess.
It takes practice, but you never forget that
self-love is the most valuable possession
you own, and you do not relinquish it
to anyone.

ALFA shared her insights with Spirituality & Health:

So many times, we give our all to relationships, including the parts of ourselves that we should never offer another.

It’s no surprise that when they end, we often find ourselves depleted.

If you neglect yourself, the void you’re left with will be a mile-wide chasm.

Our self-love should never be gifted to another or controlled by anyone other than ourselves.

It’s quite poetic to think we should love with every fiber of our being, but after a few bad experiences we inevitably question our worthiness.

We are all worthy of love, but it starts by nurturing a love with our souls first.

From The Salt In His Kiss by Alfa. Copyright © 2019 by the author and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

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