Podcast: Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Finding Refuge

Podcast: Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Finding Refuge

Jodie Brim

Author and activist Michelle Cassandra Johnson discusses generational trauma, yoga, beekeeping, and more.

Michelle Cassandra Johnson is an activist, social justice warrior, author, anti-racism consultant and trainer, intuitive healer, and yoga teacher and practitioner. Her new book is Finding Refuge: Heartwork for Healing Collective Grief.

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Rabbi Rami and Johnson start by defining racism throughout history. They explore ethnocentrism, white privilege, generational trauma, radicalizing yoga and yoga nidra practice, the problematic nature of “color-blindness,” beekeeping, and more.

“We are in physical bodies and yet we are not our bodies. But we need to recognize what our bodies are doing to other bodies as we remember our divinity. … We can hold both of these at the same time.”

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