These tomes help in the pursuit of optimal physical, mental, and social well-being.

Spirit Almanac

The Spirit Almanac 

A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care 

By Lindsay Kellner and Emma Loewe

This handbook offers dozens of routines incorporating science-backed techniques like breath work, meditation, and aromatherapy, as well as more esoteric offerings such as astrology, crystals, and tarot.   TARCHERPERIGEE

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Slow Medicine

Slow Medicine

The Way to Healing 

By Victoria Sweet 

During her 20 years as a physician, Sweet found that good medicine is about taking the time to find the right, personalized treatment. It is an art as much as a science.  RIVERHEAD BOOKS

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Design By Nature

Design by Nature

Creating Layered, Lived-In Spaces

By Erica Tanov

Studies show that spending time in nature lowers blood pressure and rates of heart disease. Designer Tanov shows you how to bring the outdoors into your living spaces with elements such as flora, wood, and water.  TEN SPEED PRESS

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Younger Next Year

The Younger Next Year Back Book 

The Whole-Body Plan to Conquer Back Pain Forever 

By Chris Crowley and Jeremy James

This guide has exercises to help people live a pain-free life, by relearning the proper ways to move.  WORKMAN

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Heart Solution

Heart Solution for Women 

A Proven Program to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease 

By Mark Menolascino

The director of the Meno Clinic Center for Functional Medicine addresses why conventional medicine fails to properly treat women’s heart woes, and presents his own program.  HARPERONE

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How To Break Up W Your Phone

How to Break Up with Your Phone

The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life 

By Catherine Price 

We loved science journalist Price’s book Vitamania. She takes a similar clear-eyed view of smartphones, calling us to examine our relationship with them to create better mental and physical health.  TEN SPEED PRESS

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Super Immunity

Super Immunity 

The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free 

By Joel Fuhrman

Amp up your defenses against colds, flus—even some cancers—with these strategies, menus, and ideas.  HARPERONE

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Beyond Soap

Beyond Soap 

The Real Truth About What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix It for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow 

By Sandy Skotnicki with Christopher Shulgan

In our quest for perfect skin, is our regime actually harming our body’s natural state? Dermatologist Skotnicki says yes and has alternatives.  PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE

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Wild Unknown Journal

The Wild Unknown Journal 

By Kim Krans 

Journaling can be a way to deal with emotions like depression, anxiety, and stress. Artist and author Krans invites the reader into a contemplative space to unleash creativity.  HARPERONE

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Life Is Long

Life Is Long! 

50+ Ways to Help You Live a Little Bit Closer to Forever 

By Karen Salmansohn 

A wellness expert has gathered 50-plus tips for how to live the longest, healthiest life possible, using a range of longevity research from places like Blue Zones, or studies on spices.  TEN SPEED PRESS

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