Book Review: No Bad Parts

by Richard C. Schwartz, PhDSOUNDS TRUE
reviewed by Emily Qureshi-Hurst
No Bad Parts Richard Schwartz

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Have you ever wanted to break out of destructive behavioral patterns? Are there parts of yourself you find hard to love? If so, this book is for you.

Richard C. Schwartz argues that the key to understanding the human mind is to see it not as a unified whole but as a collection of multiple parts. The book is an exploration of his original and highly successful psychotherapeutic technique Internal Family Systems (IFS).

His revolutionary recommendation: Treat the parts of your mind like a family. As in a family, there might be some unruly, challenging, or destructive members but, importantly, none are inherently bad. Instead, “parts are sacred, spiritual beings and they deserve to be treated as such.” Often parts that cause you harm are stuck in the past, believing that they have to engage in certain behaviors to protect you from a trauma you are no longer experiencing. Each and every part of you deserves acceptance. Each part deserves love.

Dr. Schwartz’s unique blend of spirituality, psychotherapy, and practical tools makes No Bad Parts an inspiring read that offers healing practices for transforming your understanding of yourself and your outlook on life. By encouraging us to embrace each part of ourselves, even the ones that lead us to make destructive or irrational choices, he presents an optimistic understanding of human nature and provides practical tools for self-acceptance. As he writes, “at its core IFS is a loving way of relating internally (to your parts) and externally (to the people in your life).”

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