Yoga for Caregivers

Mother doing yoga with daughter on back yoga for caregivers

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Caregivers need care too. Explore the best yoga-based solutions for soothing the caregiver’s heart, mind, and body.

Giving care—to a baby, a sick partner, an aging parent, or as a part of a career—is a sacred act. Offering your time, presence, and energy to someone is a powerful gift. It’s also hard as heck, especially when it means watching someone you care about suffer. In order to care well, we need to be able to access the softness in our hearts that allows us to feel compassion and empathy for the one we are caring for. But it also requires strong boundaries that can create a protective barrier around that softness. When we do not appropriately protect our capacity to care, we can lose that softness altogether. Compassion fatigue is like running out of the gas that fuels our engines for caring. When someone is relying on us, that can be very dangerous. When we do not take enough time to rest and restore ourselves, to do things we enjoy that nourish our physical and spiritual bodies, we have less to give to those to whom we are tending. When we don’t stop to care for ourselves, we can’t care for anybody else. This struggle can often show up in the physical body. It’s often the back of the hea …

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