Podcast: Perdita Finn, Conversations With the Unseen World

Podcast: Perdita Finn, Conversations With the Unseen World

How can we reconnect with the unseen world and the earth to ground ourselves when times are challenging? Author Perdita Finn shares.

Perdita Finn is the co-founder with her husband Clark Strand of the nondenominational international fellowship called The Way of the Rose. Perdita and Clark were guests on the Spirituality+Health Podcast a few years ago to discuss their book The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary. Perdita has studied with many spiritual teachers and has apprenticed with the psychic Suzan Saxman, with whom she wrote a book called The Reluctant Psychic.

Perdita’s new book is Take Back the Magic: Conversations With the Unseen World, included in the 2023 Books We Love feature in our September/October issue.

“What would it feel like to belong to the land again? My own feeling is that, when we belong to the dead, we begin to know where our bones belong again.”

In this episode, Perdita and Rabbi Rami talk about encounters with ghosts, returning to the dirt, and the importance of the Divine Mother at our current point in history.

Read the essay inspired by this episode here.

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