Kellie J. Wright

Author Kellie J. Wright is a writer, speaker, and Self-Love Transformation Guide. She’s also the host of Conscious Speaks Radio Podcast, a board member of National Harmony Water Center in Eureka Springs Arkansas, and business owner of Internal Journeys. Her first book, Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation is a book of awakening sent forward in time. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Kellie (Internal Narcissus) is on a passionate mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her self-actualized process called The 90-Day Transformation. She has walked herself into lasting light to become a modern mirror, seer, and healer. Her ability to reflect back exactly who you are being, so you can find the real truth of who you are, leads to embodying a more peaceful life.

The author writes: “You are unique. There is only one who can know, reach, and love just like you. Internal Narcissus discovers the pure beauty and unconditional light within you, within all of us. IN is a journey of self-love and learning to shine from your mind, body, and soul.”

Kellie is a successful radio show host, transformation coach, and business owner at Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her own process called "The 90-day Transformation."

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