Grow-In an Internal Journey

Grow-In an Internal Journey


Love yourself in a way only you can. Treat yourself as you would your most adored person, place, or object. Why not?

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“Sometimes, it only takes one person to change your life. One to be there for you, to push you, to believe in you. It only takes one ~ You.” ~ Kellie J. Wright

I decided to grow in not up. Growing up holds one to a set system of ideals built on building blocks of time in increments of wished desired growth created by a mass that needs to follow certain time lines. Growing up accompanied by following rules of societal expectations lends nothing to evolving unless in a monetary way that is class structured.

Growing in, on the other hand, leads to a deep understanding of self and self-worth. Time to sit with ones thoughts and traverse one’s own time line while looking back and placing pin-marks in the chart of growth to see the self as it was when certain life altering occurrences happened. Figure out how the “you” then was affected, and more importantly, adapted or learned to cope. Once old behaviors are acknowledged we can start to replace old coping mechanisms that we have simply outgrown.

It is my belief to grow in one must devour self as an exquisite banquet. Each experience must be re-tasted and re-tried to feel anew and process distinctly in this new state of mind. Grow in. Devour self. Love yourself in a way only you can. Treat yourself as you would your most adored person, place, or object. Why not? You are you, and how you treat yourself and talk to yourself matter so much more than anything else. All of these actions reflect the mental state of mind that will manifest the reality that is your life.

That said, I flirt with myself, hug myself, and tell myself how lovely I am all the time! I acknowledge my emotions and tell myself things are as they should be and will be what I can make them. I comfort me with reminders that all good things happen in time to me through me. This is a commitment to a new relationship with you and it is not for the faint of heart because it is hard work. It hurts at times, or just feels weird, but believe me it is liberating to know what happened and start the work to change your point of view by redefining how you feel about yourself.

Internal Narcissus is about loving yourself internally and growing in, so you can be the person you were born to be not the person you thought you should become or ended up. The “you” that is calling from distant corners of your mind and beckoning from deep down inside your soul, and loves you so much more than you are accepting. You are waiting for you to begin…you are the only one holding you back. Internal Narcissus is about the journey within to heal and free mind, body, and soul. I am IN are you?

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