Using the Lens of Self-Awareness to Shift Your Personal Vibration

Using the Lens of Self-Awareness to Shift Your Personal Vibration

Explore Powerful Practices for Uncovering Lasting Self-Love, Self-Awareness, and Self-Worth

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“The process of genuine, self-loving transformation requires us to view ourselves with new lenses, new ways of really witnessing, as we take the journey inward.”

My dream is to empower others with the tools of self-love mastery that I learned, and have finessed, over years of internal journeys.

The process of genuine, self-loving transformation requires us to view ourselves with new lenses, new ways of really witnessing, as we take the journey inward. Each lens is a support tool on the path through self-love, self-awareness, and self-worth.

In my journeys, I have come to find a few ways to understand and look through the lenses. Are you ready to learn these new tools?

Let’s first establish that Universal Love is a state of consciousness, a bliss-like experiential awareness space, and a knowingness. It is a higher vibrational state we can choose to live within and operate from. We can access Universal Love by our own free will, and we’re able to make decisions that serve our highest good.

Lens one is self-love. It is the lens wherein we learn to deconstruct fear and become the superheroes of our lives. When we deconstruct fear, we begin to see ourselves as we truly are. We acknowledge that we’re the ones creating our lives through everything we wish, think, and experience within our own minds. We know our personal powers are within these actions; we recognize that life is not happening to us, and instead we are driving it.

Lens two is self-awareness. We understand how to move from mind-based thinking into heart-based being by deconstructing our inner dictionaries of self. We listen to the words we use, speak, and feel inside of our minds and outside in our speech, and how they interact with our energy and others’. This is when we see the self-being itself. We begin to free our minds so we can love and live from our heart.

Within this second lens of self-awareness is also where we learn to shift our cells' energy and personal vibration through affirmations, meditation and, once mastered, at will with a whisper. (Yes, it really is that sweet and simple with practice!) In the guided exercise below, we explore what that energetic shift feels like as we work with self-love and the experience of bliss.

Finally, lens three is self-worth and the crowning jewel in the self-love mastery process. We understand deeply that it is beneficial to love ourselves every day, not just the days which feel good. We learn how to live soul-free and love unconditionally, and we are fully present in our now. We’ll explore this third lens more at length in our series’ next article, releasing in January.

For now, let’s use the second lens of self-awareness to shift your personal vibration right here, right now.

The Internal Journeys “Be Bliss Self-love Exercise”

Before we begin: Tell yourself and your body that you’re going to try something new to help connect to greater self-love within. The invitation alerts the mind and body to act together and set joint intentions. The agreement causes a pause in our current energy-loop, and it will allow the body and mind to collaborate as one in real-time.

Begin to breathe. Are you ready?

Step 1: Recall the sensation of love you feel when thinking and feeling deeply about a most adored person, pet, place, moment, or object. Spend a few breaths with this feeling.

Step 2: Shift into feeling that same love, but now for yourself, and let it grow stronger with your next few breaths ... Keep breathing this love into the deepest parts of your being.

Step 3: Take another loving breath in and imagine actually holding onto your breath like the hand of that someone or something you love. Smile, you now have your focus. Stay with it and continue breathing softly, gently. After some time, imagine holding the hand of your breath with your entire body.

Step 4: Let the breath settle down deep into your belly. When your lungs are filled with your unique brand of love sensation, mentally flip the energy from Love to Bliss… exhale slowly and stay with this ethereal feeling, receiving bliss energy into all of your cells.

Take time with this energy and your breath. Revel in the good vibrations of bliss.

Now, reflect on how the word ‘bliss’ changes the energy inside of you. Recognize how we already have this powerful, loving energy inside of us and when we offer it to ourselves, this love changes into bliss! Immediately, we feel soft, centered, and free.

Beautiful work!

Try the Be Bliss Self-Love Exercise to find calmness and inner-peace whenever you need it. Repeat as often as you like—it can only raise your vibration!

Once we know how to escape the theatre of the mind with this simple process, the bliss energy will connect naturally, and faster, every time we ask.

It is my wish that your mind and body work with your intentions so that eventually, you’ll switch into self-love mode as quickly as you like! Let me know your results and please remember, you are the love you feel and give to others. Don’t give it all away—keep some on reserve for you.

Be Bliss and Believe!

Next article, Kellie leads the Spirituality & Health community to the final step in achieving self-love mastery through self-worth.

To find out more about the processes at Internal Journeys, visit the website or check out Kellie’s book Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation

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