The Ins and Outs of an Akashic Records Reading

The Ins and Outs of an Akashic Records Reading

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The Akashic Records hold deep mysteries of the universe. Learn more about why you might want an Akashic Records reading.

If you’ve ever had an Akashic Records reading, you know how revealing it is! The Akashic Records are a universal, energetic database that holds information on every single person, place, or thing in our Universe. It holds the energetic imprint of everything that has ever occurred, is currently happening, or could ever possibly happen. Everyone has the opportunity to tap into their own Akashic Records.

You can do this yourself with some knowledge and training, or you can contact an Akashic Records reader or practitioner to access and read the Akashic Records for you. Let’s discuss all the ins and outs of Akashic Records readings.

Who Would Benefit From an Akashic Records Reading?

Anyone and everyone could benefit from receiving an Akashic Records reading!

It is a great option for people who want to learn about their soul’s journey, uncover information about their past lives, and understand the root causes for current patterns and themes in their current life. An Akashic Records reading can provide you with spiritual insights that start you on a path to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

What Happens During an Akashic Records Reading?

First, your practitioner will ask you for some personal information (legal name, date and location of birth) so they can connect with your specific energy in the Akashic Records. Each practitioner may require additional background information to make it easier to access and read your Akashic Records.

At bare minimum, it is best practice to go into the Akashic Records with an intention. An intention is simply a general focus or reason for your reading. You can have a general intention (e.g., I want to learn about my past lives) or a more specific intention (e.g., I want to access the exact moment when I developed knee pain). Your intention is what guides your reading. Whenever you deal with energy and energy work, having a clear intention is key.

It is even better to include a list of questions that you would like to get answers to. The more open-ended these questions are, the better! During the reading, your Akashic Records practitioner will ask these questions, connect to your Records, and then record the answers they receive. These answers are the exact ones your soul needs to hear in that moment.

When Might Someone Want to Get an Akashic Records Reading?

People typically want to access their Akashic Records when they are at a crossroads. They might feel lost, unhappy with their life, or confused about how to proceed with their career, love life, or spiritual journey. Other times, people access these Records when they are experiencing a spiritual awakening, their curiosity is peaked, or they want to experience the spiritual transformation that occurs when they receive this high-vibration information.

Where Would an Akashic Records Reading Take Place?

Since the Akashic Records exist on a spiritual plane, they can be accessed through meditation from any physical location. As such, there is no limitation on where the Akashic Records reading must occur. Every Akashic Records practitioner has their own way to enter and read the Akashic Records. Typically, sessions are offered in a live one-on-one setting or conducted remotely. If you are receiving a remote Akashic Records reading, this might take place over the phone, via live video, or through email.

Each practitioner has a method that they resonate more with, but some offer a variety of options to choose from. If you want to get an Akashic Records reading to amend or “fix” the Records, it is best if you complete this reading in real time, either in person or on a live video platform.

Why Should Someone Receive an Akashic Records Reading?

The Akashic Records provide information for soul-level healing. This means that you receive information that your soul needs to heal, grow, and flourish.

The Akashic Records give us clarity. They are the divine downloads that trickle through to give us a new perspective, an “aha!” moment, and an understanding of why our lives have played out the way they did thus far. This allows us to look at our own personal karma, family karma, generational patterns, and the self-sabotaging behaviors that we need to address and change to reach our highest timeline.

If you are dealing with indecision and an abundance of options, an Akashic Records reading might help give you clarity on what could potentially occur for each option. This could help you feel more comfortable and confident in making a more informed decision about a situation.

This is exactly what I did when I was deciding between two different publishers for my book. I accessed my Akashic Records to see which publishing route would work best for me, and I received a very clear answer. After following through on my decision to choose a specific publisher, my debut book was a huge success. It became a number one best-seller within 24 hours of the pre-order link being released!

The Power of an Akashic Records Reading

All in all, the Akashic Records allow us to see our earthly patterns and behaviors from a spiritually guided place. All of our guides, masters, loves ones, and teachers are ready and willing to relay those soul-changing insights when we are ready to receive them—and only when we are ready to receive them.

If you find yourself reading this article, the energy of Akashic Records might be calling out to you. When you have that inkling that an Akashic Records reading might be the right thing for you, take that intuitive nudge and go for it! The opportunities are endless, and, most importantly, the healing is limitless.

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The Ins and Outs of an Akashic Records Reading

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