5 Tips for Connecting to Your Akashic Records

5 Tips for Connecting to Your Akashic Records


The Akashic record is the ultimate database, the cosmic computer of all knowledge and wisdom. What do you want to know?

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Each one of us has a divine purpose that is always known to our souls.
It waits to be remembered by us in our human lives.
When we open our hearts to our own Akashic record we find our precious truth.

For centuries our consciousness levels have been evolving with our intuition, developing a sixth sense. Our minds try to tell us that this is a new skill but our hearts recognize the frequency and the ancient wisdom with which we connect with this. But how and where does this psychic information come from, this knowing of things about others, our planet and the universe? Are we creating fantasy information or simply plucking entertainment out of thin air?

This thought could have merit; however, anyone who ever had an accurate psychic intuitive reading may well argue against this. “How did they know this? How did they describe a past over loved one’s observations from the spirit world? How did they know I had that vision of myself in that time of history?”

The answer is simple; they connected into something we have come to call the “Akashic record.” Akasha being “everything” — the Akashic record can be described as the ultimate database, the cosmic computer of all knowledge and wisdom. The word Akashic comes from akasha (the energy from which all life is formed). This will help you think about a library in the universe. Think about it as a matrix of light that connects all energy—including you. The Akasha collects all the records and holds the book and story of your past life, present life, future life, life between life and cosmic connections.

Think about a computer with an electric cord to the earth for energy. It has Wi-Fi to connect with the world and a database recording everything on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

  • Everyday
  • Every year
  • Every lifetime

Once we accept we are part of the reincarnation cycle of life it can take a moment to comprehend how much data we have been collecting about our souls. However, as we start to observe where we have been and what happened on our true soul journey, patterns and synchronistic events that have been affecting our lives time after time begin to show.

If you think of yourself as a computer holding all these records you may wonder where you should start to gain a level of understanding. With our modern age computers we often take them for upgrades and data clearing on a regular schedule. We clear the spam emails, old programs and out of date “apps”. Why do we do this? Well they slow the computer up. Take a moment and consider what is perhaps not working in your life and keeps repeating.

We need to be at the front of evolution in our spiritual lives not wandering around lost in a year gone by. When see the junk conversations and toxic relationships full of emotional viruses we know they will contaminate “our” computer, effectively leaving our personal lives crashed, frozen and not functioning.

Perhaps this may seem technical, but how many times have we as humans been frozen in the patterns and beliefs of another, caught in a relationship that holds us prisoner? Or how often have we been held back by fears that have no connection to our present lives and social situation? They say that knowledge is power that can set you free and that is exactly what tapping into the matrix of the Akashic record can do for you.

It can give you those answers you have been seeking and it can give a logical explanation to your confusion. From here you are in an informed state from which to make the choices that serve your highest vibration and contribute towards your spiritual soul evolution. Work with your Akashic records to bring love, happiness, joy and purpose into your life.

Here are my 5 top tips to help you connect to your own Akashic records.

  1. Engage with your heart when asking yourself questions about your soul and its Akashic records. To engage with your heart take time to focus on the gratitude in your life, even simple things and thoughts can be uplifting.
  2. Keep your energy and home/workspace clean and clear. Let go of negative clutter and keep the information of the highest intention.
  3. Use all your intuitive skills. Clairvoyance – what do you see? Clairsentience – what do you feel? Claircognizance - what do you know? and Clairaudience - what do you hear? Pay attention to the messages the universe is sending you.
  4. Don’t overthink; simply gather information from dreams, regressions and meditations and then ask how you can learn and spiritually grow from your insight.
  5. Use oracle cards as spiritual life coaches to guide your insight. They can reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul to guide you to your truth, purpose and passion.

From my heart to yours,

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