15 Affirmations to Commune With Your Helping Spirits

15 Affirmations to Commune With Your Helping Spirits


If you feel spiritually ungrounded and disconnected, try these affirmations to connect to the spiritual beings that have your best interests in mind.

There is no doubt that we live in a chaotic world, and finding peace amid the chaos can sometimes be a chore. But we have tools available to us that we can utilize at any moment to help us feel more balanced and at ease. Tapping into the energy of your spirit helpers—also known as spirit guides—can help, and using affirmations is one of the best ways to do this.

Spirit helpers are said to be the entities that we choose or that are assigned to us before birth to support us on our life journey. If this concept feels too esoteric for you, consider a more psychological perspective: It is said that spirit guides are personified parts of our Higher Selves that are revealed to us in various shapes and forms throughout life. And still, to other people, spirit guides are a representation of the parts of our unconscious mind that symbolically helps us find wholeness.

No matter what perspective you adhere to, we could all benefit from support from guides that are beyond our own capabilities. Connecting with spirit helpers is a shared human experience, whether we are aware of it or not.

Coming in contact with one of your spirit helpers can mark a significant shift, transformation, or rebirth in your life. I like to think of spirit helpers as universal forces that are here to help us, and can appear in many forms.

Here are some of the most common forms:

Angel Helpers

Angels are like divine messengers. They are sent to guide and support us in our development as souls, which includes offering us lessons and challenges.

Spirit Animals

Spirit animals are incredible guides. Some groups with ancient roots, such as the many Indigenous peoples of North America, hold animals as sacred representations of their tribes or lineages. Spirit animals could show up for the first time in a dream, in your backyard, in oracle cards, or on shamanic journeys. Spirit animals can come as teachers, like the peacock teaching you the importance of confidence, or a snake slithering across your path to teach you to shed the old layers of yourself to make way for the new.

Ascended Masters

Ascended masters like Jesus, Quan Yin, Buddha, Saint Germain, or Mother Mary were once living human embodiments of deep spiritual growth. Now they have a special place as leaders of great influence in the spirit world and as guides and supportive teachers to humanity.

Departed Loved Ones

Ancestral guides are entities that have some type of blood connection to us and our lineage. Loved ones, such as family members who have passed on, may choose to be one of your spirit guides and actively support you from the other side in very practical ways, like sending you career opportunities or a soul connection in the form of a new relationship.

Plant Allies

Shamans believe that the world and everything in it is composed of vibrant, living energy and spirit. This worldview includes plants. Plant helpers, like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca, should be approached with the utmost respect, as they offer potent spiritual teachings. Ayahuasca is known as “the vine of the souls,” and it is common for those who partake of it to feel guided by the plant into deeper spiritual realms. Plant medicines are spiritual helpers who can open doorways to profound places and must be worked with reverently.

Gods and Goddesses

Gods and goddesses have been worshiped, feared, and written about since the dawn of time. They span across all cultures and religions in every part of the world. Tapping into their energy or seeing them appear in the physical form on clothing, in media, or at your local yoga studio could be a sign they have a message for you.

How to Develop a Deeper Connection With Your Spirit Helpers

Developing relationships with your spirit helpers starts by setting the intention to increase communication with loving awareness. Spirit guides speak to us in many ways, including through our intuition, our dreams, and through other people. They talk to you by sending signs and synchronicities—what Carl Jung defined as “meaningful coincidences.”

When you’re frustrated about a situation, confused about the next right action, or feeling that you don’t have enough control, surrender an issue over to your guides. This release can allow fresh insights to come to you, as well as let your guides have more freedom to support you. I have found that one of the fastest ways to connect to your spiritual team is through affirmations and your intuition.

How to Use Affirmations to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has intuition, and everyone can improve their intuition with study and practice. There are main intuitive pathways you can study and develop. (This intuition quiz can help you decide which one is the strongest for you.)

Practice energetically releasing an issue to your guides, perhaps just temporarily. Try to quiet your mind instead of strategizing and worrying. Use a mantra; for example: “I’m surrendering this issue over to my guides to see what they can do.”

Center yourself by closing your eyes, and feel yourself connected to the Earth. Take a deep breath in, and let it out slowly. Repeat until you feel yourself align with the moment. Once you feel connected to the moment, repeat one (or all) of these affirmations:

  • My spirit guides are always guiding me in the right direction.

  • I am aligned to my inner knowing and trust the unfolding.

  • My body, mind, heart, and spirit are at peace.

  • My guardian angel always loves and protects me.

  • The Universe is on my side and has my best interests at heart.

  • I recognize the divine being inside me and see it all around me.

  • I align with my inner truth and always trust my intuition.

  • I know I am being guided toward the path that is for the highest good of all involved.

  • I deepen my connection with Spirit and look forward to the ways in which it speaks to me.

  • I am safe and protected; all is well.

  • I am an open and clear channel to receive guidance from my energetic support team.

  • I open myself to seeing new possibilities that align with my spirit.

  • I am connected with all goodness and feel the wisdom within.

  • My body is a powerful messenger; I listen to it daily and trust the guidance I receive.

  • All is well, I am aligned with love.

These affirmations are inspired by Shannon Kaiser’s oracle card deck, Unshakable Inner Peace.

Try these 16 affirmations to connect with your spirit guides.

15 Affirmations to Connect With Your Spirit Guides

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