16 Affirmations for Nurturing Creativity

16 Affirmations for Nurturing Creativity


Kickstart your creative self with these positive affirmations.

In her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert urges us to start creating. Right now! She has this notion that if we don’t, our ideas may give a mighty sigh and go play with someone else. But even if you don’t buy into that belief, it’s certainly true that if you don’t birth your idea, it’s not happening.

Just like exercise and spiritual progress, you cannot outsource your own creativity—this isn’t housework or tax prep. It would be nice, though, wouldn’t it? Some proxy could hand us those toned arms, sans thousands of pushups, and a thick, bestselling book, without having to do years of typing and researching and chasing down an agent and a publishing deal. But no, this is all on you.

16 Affirmations to Nurture the Creative Soul

So, let’s fan those nascent flames of creativity because they are in there. Read books like Gilbert’s. Create a sacred space for your artistic pursuits, which we’ve covered recently here. And push forward, starting with these affirmations for nurturing the creative soul that is part of the very essence of what it is to be human.

  1. I choose to create.
  2. The artist is already present within me.
  3. I attract brilliant ideas.
  4. Today I am making time to create.
  5. Divine inspiration surrounds me.
  6. I am awake and see the world through fresh eyes.
  7. I am spontaneous; I surprise even myself.
  8. The wellspring of creativity runs deep.
  9. I am always developing as an artist.
  10. Today, I am filled with infinite, creative energy.
  11. My creative self wants to come out and play.
  12. My creativity flows freely.
  13. I’m ready to share my authentic expression.
  14. I open myself to a life of creativity.
  15. My creative energy is limitless.
  16. I give myself room for expression.

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