6 Vibrational Healing Practices for Anxiety and Excessive Overthinking

6 Vibrational Healing Practices for Anxiety and Excessive Overthinking


Anything and everything you ingest has a vibration, so be mindful and bring an awareness of spiritual vibration energy to each experience.

Do you find yourself overanalyzing things or worrying about situations that seem to be out of your control? Now more than ever, we need tools to cultivate grounding and strength. One of the fastest ways to move past fear is to assess your spiritual vibration and understand vibrational energy healing.

What Is Spiritual Vibration?

Spiritual vibration is the general frequency at which we function. The spiritual vibration is the frequency emanated by all things, as everything is energy and made of matter and has a certain energy of information. The entire universe is made of energy and everything on earth—from the chair you are sitting in and the device you are reading this on to the thoughts you think—have a vibrational energy to them. A low vibration doesn’t necessarily mean “negative” and a high vibration is not always positive. It is just energy, and all energy is in constant motion.

There are many ways to increase your level of spiritual vibration. The first and most important is to offer compassion and forgiveness to yourself and others. You can do this by being more aware of your thoughts. Do you worry about things or are you in fear? Worry has a lower vibrational frequency than peace and love, so focusing on raising your vibration will help you overcome chronic overthinking.

What Are You Overthinking?

Overthinking is a self-destructive behavior and your thoughts may revolve around various themes like your relationships, health, looks, career or anything else. Regardless of the subject, it can lead to anxiety and paranoia, affecting all areas of your life.

If you find yourself always in mental struggle, going in circles, constantly thinking about what people think about you, or ruminating over past situations or even worrying about the future, know that vibrational healing can help you break free.

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The ability to think and analyze is a human gift as long as you have the ability to switch it on and off.

Vibration Healing Practices for Anxiety and Excessive Overthinking

Practice 1: Detach from Drama

Observe the world around you through your senses of sight, smell, sound—without judgment. Start to see everything unfolding in your life and around you as if you are watching a movie; you don’t have to participate or get involved with the characters but watch with detachment.

As you do this, you allow your own vibrational energy to balance out. Oftentimes we pick up energy from others without even realizing it. If someone comes to you with a problem, especially if you are an empath, you may take on their pain and worry as a way to help them out. But detaching and becoming passive, observing without judgment, allows you to maintain sovereign space and your own energetic boundaries.

Practice 2: Pay Attention to Your Bodily Sensations

Another way to practice mindfulness and use vibrational healing is to become more aware of your body’s true needs. You can do this by using your senses to shift your attention away from the realm of thought and into the physical body. A simple way to practice this is to note the earth beneath your seat or feet. Grounding is a powerful way to connect yourself to the healing energy of earth and the universe. Ask yourself, what does it feel like for your body to be in contact with the earth? Pay attention to your body’s signals and trust the process.

Practice 3: Connect with Your Physical Body

Engage with your physical senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, and smelling. This will help to ground you back into the present moment. But also move your body daily. Expressing yourself with dance, spinning, walking in nature, or a gentle yoga flow will help you move stagnant energy and aid in healing.

Practice 4: Visit Mother Nature

Digital media tends to run the show for most of us most of the time. Take time daily to turn off your digital devices, leave the screens at home, and get out into nature. Anytime I have a client who is feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I suggest they ground themselves or go into nature for some peace. Every time, they report back how balanced they felt after being in nature. Walk barefoot on grass, go for a swim in the ocean, soak up some sunshine, and go for an outing in the fresh air.

Practice 5: Do Energy Healing Such as Reiki

Reiki is one of the best ways to increase your spiritual vibrational level. It can help heal aches and pains and can help recalibrate and balance your chakras. Reiki is energy healing that focuses on subtle fields and energy centers. By being aware of blocks and stuck energy, the practice works to remove and transform it. This process gradually helps your body reach a higher vibration.

The more you practice on yourself and others, the stronger the flow of energy becomes. In turn, this supports the growth of your overall frequency. Whenever you have the universal life force energy running through you, it dissipates the residual and negative energies from your body. This places your energetic and physical structures in a state of healing rather than healing you directly. Remember that we’re simply channels through which the energy/light flows. Reiki will help you release what is no longer useful to you.

Practice 6: Meditation

When it comes to taming the mind and overcoming worry, meditation is a tried-and-true method. If meditation is difficult for you, recognize it isn’t about clearing the mind and being a Zen-like master.

Actually, the opposite is the point of meditation. The focus is on the present moment and detaching from the chaos that runs rampant in our mind. Instead of trying to clear your mind, become more aware of it by watching it pass through. Rather than running from your thoughts, actively become aware of them so you can transform them and see that they don’t have to define you. In this space, you can then move past the hold they once had and be free of worry. Generally speaking, meditation works to relax and clear your mind and it can do wonders for the energetic body.

A Quick Vibrational Healing Meditation to Do Anytime

Anything and everything you ingest or take in—news, people, food, ideas, conversations, environment—has a vibration, so be mindful and bring an awareness of spiritual vibration energy to each experience.

For example, when you eat food, hold your hand over the food before you ingest and repeat this one-minute mantra meditation:

I honor the space in which you exist. I only want the frequency that is for my highest good to be experienced. I align with truth and harmony for my ultimate wellbeing.

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