The Spiritual Meaning of Body Acne

The Spiritual Meaning of Body Acne


A potentially embarrassing affliction may hold spiritual wisdom about what we're not yet willing to release.

Facial acne is very common, but many of us also suffer with acne on our chests, backs, shoulders, or buttocks, which in some cases can be even more painful and uncomfortable than facial acne. Body acne often means there is a hormonal or digestive issue that may need to be addressed (or it may be caused by too-tight workout gear). There may also be a spiritual meaning to our body acne, especially when we look at where it is located.

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Acne is an affliction of the skin, which is the body’s boundary between the inside world and the outside world. Acne can indicate a disconnect between how you feel and either how you are expressing yourself or what you feel is acceptable about you (or not). It also indicates inflammation, which is the body’s attempt to fight off a toxin, so where acne is located can have some very interesting information for us.

Spiritual Meaning of Back Acne

Acne can be the body’s way of trying to detoxify something that isn’t easily being processed in normal ways. Inflammation on the back can mean that there is something that has happened in your past that is not being fully addressed. It is hidden in the back part of you—you are trying to put it behind you, but it actually needs to be brought forward and faced.

Spiritual Meaning of Arm and Shoulder Acne

The shoulders represent the joint that connects our hearts to what we express out in the world with our arms. Inflammation around the shoulders can mean there is a disconnect between what you want or feel in your heart and how you are expressing yourself.

It can mean you are giving too much away without getting enough back or that you’re not asking for the things you really need. Acne in this area can mean you are feeling really vulnerable and may need to check in with whether what you are doing and saying is in alignment with what you really feel and need.

Spiritual Meaning of Chest Acne

Acne on the chest can mean there is some congestion around your energetic heart, which is right in the center of your chest. Perhaps a heartbreak or loss is still sitting with you, not allowing you to fully move on. Your heart may want to hide away. Chest acne can be an indication that your energetic heart is inflamed, that there is some toxin in your heart space that needs time to be processed. You may need to retreat and give your heart time to heal before trying to force it to move forward when it’s not ready.

Spiritual Meaning of Acne on the Buttocks

Acne in this area of your body can be painful and embarrassing! Inflammation in this area is a strong message that you are trying to avoid something that needs addressing. You are sitting on the pain and unprocessed feelings from an experience in your past or present.

It can also indicate concerns with the root chakra, which is all about safety and security, which can often point to issues around the home or finances. You may be feeling unsafe or insecure about something in your life, or you may be feeling some conflict around your finances, including how you make your money.

If you’re suffering with acne on your body, ask yourself these questions to tap into the spiritual meaning:

  • Am I hiding or pushing away something that I’m feeling?
  • Is my behavior in alignment with what I feel on the inside?
  • What is my relationship to the affected body part? How do I feel about this part of myself?
  • Do I need a moment to pause, retreat, and look at what I’ve been going through?

Take your time to listen to your body acne. It may have something important to tell you!

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Spiritual Meaningof Body Acne

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