Liquid Bells

reviewed by Kristine Morris

Singing Bowls

Damien Rose

Liquid BellsThe sound of Tibetan singing bowls might be described as complex purity. Within the sound that is heard when the bowl is struck, there exists the “anahat nad,” the “unstruck sound” that can be a representation of the indwelling spirit — hidden, yet fully alive and beautiful. Damien Rose, a musician and healer, uses the sounds of the bowls to evoke communion with the eternal and lead listeners into a state of deep peace and relaxation that promotes healing and well-being. While wonderful for solitary listening, Liquid Bells is also a perfect choice for massage therapy sessions or for bringing a deep, meditative quality to one’s yoga practice.

Damien Rose studied piano as a child, and guitar and songwriting as a teen, but he decided on a law career and had passed his bar exam when, while driving around California’s coastal towns, listening to the very first recording of Tibetan singing bowls to have reached the West, a chance encounter with a hitchhiker — who just happened to be a Tibetan singing bowl player — changed the course of his life. Since that day, Rose, who has been described as a truly “heart-aligned” musician, has devoted himself to the exploration of the healing properties of these magnificent, consciousness-raising sounds. He has performed at yoga conferences and festivals, chakra healing and meditation workshops, and has been asked to provide the soundtrack for many CDs, including a guided meditation for the Chopra Center and the recent recording made by its lead educator, Davidji. You may learn more about Damien Rose and listen to a sample of Liquid Bells at


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