Podcast: Author Sarah Wilson on Reclaiming Your One Wild and Precious Life

Podcast: Author Sarah Wilson on Reclaiming Your One Wild and Precious Life

Individualism and capitalism are simply not working. Author Sarah Wilson talks about the challenges we face as humans, such as climate change and racial injustice, and proposes healthier systems to heal a fractured world.

In this episode, Rabbi Rami connects with Sydney-based Sarah Wilson, author of the new book This One Wild and Precious Life. Her book addresses what she calls a “collective itch.” “We are not being the best versions of ourselves as humans,” Wilson says. “This has landed us in a spot where we are not happy, where there is endless bickering and a destroyed Earth.”

Wilson previously authored the books First, We Make the Beast Beautiful: a New Story About Anxiety, and I Quit Sugar, along with 11 cookbooks. She has been the editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, host of MasterChef Australia, and founder of In 2018, she committed to giving all proceeds from the business to charity, and now campaigns on mental health, consumerism, racial injustice, and climate issues.

In her book, she acknowledges the complexities of climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, and racial inequalities, and discusses our disconnection from what truly matters. She notes that the past 50 years of neoliberalism, as defined by writers such as Milton Friedman, has valued free markets and is not associated with liberal or progressive views. It values the supremacy of the individual, which has fostered an “us versus them,” mentality. It is self-centered and does not value public service or any type of sacrifice for the greater good.

Wilson covers techniques, habits, and mindsets, that are accessible and free, for reconnecting with life. “We need meaningful connections with ourselves, with life, nature, and our nature as a collective,” she says.

Hear more about ways to end polarization and to take on the essential challenges we need to face collectively in this episode of the podcast.

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