Podcast: Dr. Rachel Allyn, Holistic Psychologist and Pleasure Expert

Podcast: Dr. Rachel Allyn, Holistic Psychologist and Pleasure Expert

Explore what it means to use pleasure and movement as healing tools with Dr. Rachel Allyn and Rabbi Rami.

Rachel Allyn, PhD has been a licensed holistic psychologist for almost 20 years. She specializes in body-mind medicine, relationships, and intimacy issues.

She helps individuals and couples cope with their moods, life transitions, and relationship challenges.

A certified yoga teacher, Dr. Allyn incorporates the body into her sessions and leads therapeutic body-mind workshops and retreats. She recently released a book called The Pleasure Is All Yours: Reclaim Your Body's Bliss and Reignite Your Passion for Life.

In this episode, Rachel and Rabbi Rami chat about pleasure practices, the human condition, and the idea of "bodyfulness."

“Some of the research that I did … or that I read and looked into and put in the book just shows how powerful embodied, pleasurable activities with other people are because it leads people to really have more empathy and altruism and compassion for others.”

For more thoughts on pleasure, read Rabbi Rami's musings on this discussion here.

Dr Rachel Allyn

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