Podcast: Neal Allen, Discover God Inside You

Podcast: Neal Allen, Discover God Inside You


Author of Shapes of Truth, Neal Allen, discusses the 35 qualities of God that each human has within them.

Neal Allen is the author of Shapes of Truth: Discover God Inside You, a book that lays out 35 qualities of God that can be experienced by humans as they exist inside each person.

In this episode, Rabbi Rami and Neal Allen discuss these qualities, highlighting the “big 5”—joy, strength, will, compassion, and power. They explore the divine objects or “white pearls” each human has within them, conformity, and the innate capacity of humans to be good.

“When I talk about God I’m not quite talking here about the overall God, the God that’s outside you, inside you, that permeates everything … what I write about and talk about is an ability that we have to notice, and discover, and retrieve aspects of God that are particularly useful to us as human beings.”

Read an excerpt from Shapes of Truth: “Asking Questions Is Most of Compassion.”

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