Podcast: Dr. Joanna LaPrade, Navigating Darkness

Podcast: Dr. Joanna LaPrade, Navigating Darkness

How can we use life's dark moments to our advantage? Therapist and author Dr. Joanna LaPrade shows us.

Dr. Joanna LaPrade earned her MA and PhD in Jungian and Archetypal Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. She is now the founder of Aion Psychotherapy and a practicing Jungian psychologist in Colorado. Her therapeutic work focuses on helping clients find a meaningful connection to their inner worlds.

Joanna is the author of Forged in Darkness: The Many Paths of Personal Transformation, a book that unites self-discovery with mythology to handle an important dilemma of our times—how to live with the darkness in life, reminding us that we have more ways of accepting and growing from the deep and dark places within us than we ever thought possible. Joanna is an educator who has taught, lectured, and written extensively on the Jungian and archetypal perspective. For more information about her work, visit

Joanna’s essay “The Ascent” appears in the November/December 2022 issue of Spirituality & Health.

“When you find yourself in the place where the lights go out, how do you understand that experience? …you begin by saying ‘What’s going on here? What is this here to teach me? What is available to me in this? What is it trying to show me?’ Rather than “how do I get out of this immediately?”

This week, Rabbi Rami and Joanna dive deep into depth psychology, archetypal energies, and the power of initiation.

Read Rabbi Rami's response to this thought-provoking episode here.

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