A Goddess Ritual for Soothing Anxiety

A Goddess Ritual for Soothing Anxiety


Experiencing anxiety? Find serenity and alleviate stress by performing a ritual to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is the beloved Indian-born goddess of good fortune. She personifies purity and goodness and presides over the realms of material and spiritual wealth. She has been worshipped for three millennia by Hindus, and she is also honored by Jains, Buddhists, and those on the goddess path.

While she is universally appreciated as a goddess who brings money and opportunity, Lakshmi is also known to bring hope and a renewed sense of optimism. Her presence can be a healing balm to soothe anxiety.

The Power of Lakshmi

Lakshmi’s birth story, as told in the Vishnu Purana, is one of the historical accounts of her special magic. It tells of her emergence from the milky ocean—fully formed, seated on a lotus, holding an additional lotus flower in two of her four hands. Her presence helped bring the gods and the world back from the brink of despair. She can do the same for humans, too, when we’re experiencing overwhelming anxiety.

It’s important to honor your feelings by seeking emotional support when needed. But you can also turn to Lakshmi as a spiritual mother who brings comfort in the darkest times. She not only brings good fortune; she also helps remove negativity and offers the spiritual strength to overcome life’s hardships.

This ritual will help you give your anxiety over to Lakshmi. Friday is her day of worship, but you can do this any time.

Supplies and Preparation:

  • Image of Lakshmi on her lotus

  • Soothing music to create a calm environment

  • Journal and pen to jot down notes

  • 30 minutes of quiet

  • A relaxing space where you won’t be bothered

  • A chair to sit in

  • A printed copy of the invocation in Step 1

  • A printed copy of the exercise in Step 2

Conduct Your Lakshmi Ritual to Transmute Anxiety

1. Invite Lakshmi into your dwelling. Play soothing music, gaze at Lakshmi’s image, and read (or recite aloud) this excerpt from the Sri Sukta, her ancient prayer of worship.

I invoke Sri, the blissful goddess,
Who is sweet-smiling,
Who lives in a hall of gold,
Who is full of compassion and drenched with it from the heart,
Who is resplendent at the seat of the lotus,
Is lotus-hued, and who bestows all pleasures to her devotees.

2. Practice breathing in goodness. Make yourself comfortable in your chair and close your eyes. Remove your shoes and place your feet firmly on the ground. Take several breaths and release them with a sigh, not forcing your breath or hyperventilating. If you’d like, you can write or print the following exercise on a note card and keep it with you, glancing at it for reminder when needed during this ritual.

  • Breathe in peace and calm. Exhale stress and worries.

  • Breathe in grace and faith. Exhale uneasiness and dread.

  • Breathe in balance and centering. Exhale overwhelm and exhaustion.

  • Breathe in happiness and joy. Exhale fear and doubts.

  • Breathe in love. Breathe out toxicity.

  • Breathe in Lakshmi’s soothing energy. Exhale anxiety.

3. Visualize a lotus pond: As the tension leaves your body through the breathing exercise, imagine walking into a lush garden and feel your spirits lift.

In the center of the garden is a sacred lotus pond that is blessed with the healing powers of Lakshmi. The lotus, her flower, is a strong plant that rises from the mud to bloom into something beautiful. You are like the lotus: strong and beautiful, and able to rise above your troubles. In this garden, it is safe to express and release your worries.

In your mind’s eye, walk over and stand by the pond, and feel yourself firmly rooted in the earth. There is a soft breeze that brushes against your skin. You feel lighter, yet centered, strong, and connected to the earth. Your feet are bare and the grass is cool beneath you. You glance down and notice you carry an empty chalice in your hand.

Look into the pond and see your reflection. Imagine yourself as a goddess, seated on your own lotus. From that vantage point, you can separate yourself from negativity and see the world through your spiritual eyes with a wiser perspective. This is your higher self, the place within that knows the truth. Ask yourself: Why do I feel anxious?

4. Name your anxieties: Still in the visualization, without judgment, allow the answers to flow from your own lips. Take a moment to give language to your anxiety and the specific situations that are causing stress. Speak them out loud and imagine the words falling gently, like tear drops, into your chalice. It is a sacred container that can safely hold your burdens. Thank your higher self and Lakshmi for helping you to clarify the sources of your anxiety.

5. Release your pain: When you are ready, visualize yourself pouring the contents of your chalice into the pond. Release as much of the anxiety you’re experiencing as possible to Lakshmi and her healing waters. Know that the lotuses will absorb and transform your anxiety into something useful. Empty the last drops out of your chalice and watch your burdens float away.

6. Embrace good fortune. Turn your awareness to this kind and generous goddess. Her grace can be felt as peace of mind, joy, and promise. Visualize yourself walking out of the garden, the twinkling light of many candles lining your path. Know that Lakshmi is walking with you.

7. Express appreciation: Open your eyes. Bring your awareness back to the room. Take a moment to reflect. Journal anything you’d like to remember. Thank Lakshmi for her soothing presence with a gratitude offering like this one:

Dearest Lakshmi: Thank you for blessing me with your sacred presence, for helping me to rise above anxiety, and for helping me find good fortune and peace of mind. Thank you, in advance, for continuing to bless my life.

You can return to the lotus pond in visualization any time to release and recharge. Place the image of Lakshmi on your altar or desk as a reminder that you have a spiritual mother who is there in times of need. If anxious thoughts come into your mind, notice them, place them in an imaginary lotus, and let them float away.

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A Lakshmi Ritual for Soothing Anxiety

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