A Goddess Ritual for Summoning Sensuality

A Goddess Ritual for Summoning Sensuality


Call upon Venus, the Roman goddess of love, to help you discover and delight in your inner sensual goddess.

Venus is the quintessential Roman goddess of love, beauty, and sensuality. Since ancient times, she has inspired women to appreciate their own bodies and desires and to cherish the love goddess within. Her name is synonymous with all that is sensual, and she is known for her appreciation of her own beauty and pleasure. She is a divinely independent female who enjoys legendary lovers but also enjoys her own company.

As Venus was born as a fully formed woman who emerged from the sea on a shell, the water is a place of purification and renewal for Venus. In ancient Rome, her statue was lowered into a special bath and ritually cleansed during a festival in her honor. Women celebrated the powers of the goddess as they gathered for rituals in the temples. At the famous Roman baths, women bathed to honor Venus and believed the goddess would take away their blemishes. During this ritual, attendants scrubbed the bathers, removed their unwanted hair, and applied scented oil to their skin.

You can bring elements of this ancient ritual home by creating your own Venus Sensuality Bath.

Venus Sensuality Bath Supplies

  • Sensual music cued on your device

  • Roses, vases, and small basket

  • Handheld mirror

  • Candles

  • Scented oil

  • Sensual outfit

  • Print-out of the prayer below

  • Glass of water to drink


  • Select an auspicious day for your ritual. Friday is typically the day for celebrating Venus. Astrologically, Friday is governed by the planet Venus and is said to be a favorable day for cultivating feelings of love and joy.

  • Designate a place. Your bathroom is perfect, but you can also perform your ritual in an outdoor private tub or hotel.

  • Gift yourself a bouquet of roses. The red rose is known as the flower of Venus because of its aphrodisiac fragrance. Set most of the roses around the bathroom in a vase or two. Pull petals from the remaining roses and fill your small basket.

  • Turn the bathroom into Venus’ Roman bath. Replace the overhead light with a few candles to give off a nice glow. Draw a deliciously warm bath and place a handful of rose petals in the tub so you can enjoy the scented luxury of bathing like a goddess. (Save a few petals; you’ll need them right before you get in). Add scented oil to the tub for a stronger fragrance if you like.

  • Place the mirror nearby. Venus loves looking at her own reflection; you can enjoy this act, too.

Begin Your Ritual for Summoning Sensuality

1. Dress like a goddess. Once the ritual space is ready, go to your bedroom or closet area, slowly remove your “civilian” clothes, and change into a robe or flowing dress fit for a goddess.

2. Play sensual music. Preselect favorite music or songs that make you feel good in your own skin. Move your body to the rhythm. Imagine Venus is manifesting through the sensual music, flowing through you and your dwelling.

3. Ceremoniously enter the bath area. Sprinkle the path to the bath with rose petals to help create a pure and sacred space. Imagine this is a fresh start in your life.

4. Ask the goddess to bless your ritual. Sprinkle remaining petals into the tub. Step in. Offer a prayer:

    Dear Venus, goddess of love and sensuality, I come to you pure of heart, mind, and spirit. Please fill this place with your sacred presence. I offer myself to your waters for purification and renewal, as did my sisters in ancient times. Let me bask in your divine embrace. Help me activate the sensual goddess that dwells within.

    Speaking as if you’re addressing Venus directly, add any other wish you desire.

    5. Sit back, sink in, and relax. Relish the feeling of the warm water on your skin. Feel it kiss every part of your skin, from your toes to upper torso, and everything in between. Let the sensuality of Venus wash over you through scents and sounds, and let the spirit of sensuality fill your being.

    6. Look at yourself with love. Raise the handheld mirror to your face. As you gaze at yourself, know you are looking at someone divine and deserving. Allow the energy of love to rise from within and softly blow a kiss.

    7. Offer a prayer. Use this blessing to call in feelings of joy and inspiration:

      Dear Venus, thank you for your gifts of love and sensual delight.
      Please surround me with your presence.
      Divine Delight is to the right of me.
      Divine Delight is to the left of me.
      Divine Delight is in the back of me.
      Divine Delight is in front of me.
      Divine Delight rises up from the earth beneath my feet.
      Divine Delight flows down from the stars above my head.
      Divine Delight is within and all around.
      I am a goddess in human form.
      I am worthy of all that is good and I hereby summon sensuality into my life.

      Celebrate Your Renewed Sensual Self

      When you step out of your bath, thank Venus for her support. Dry off and put your goddess attire back on. Have a glass of water to drink in the power of the moment. Make the choice to practice honoring your inner sensual goddess as often as possible. When you believe in your own worth, it casts an alluring aura all around you! You can summon sensuality for your own pleasure, and you can also prepare for those moments in which you would like to share it with another.

      Venus Affirmation

      “I deserve joy.”

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      A Goddess Ritual for Summoning Sensuality

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