7 Gifts of Personal Power From Dragons

7 Gifts of Personal Power From Dragons


Dragons are spiritual beings with potent lessons to offer—explore the seven lessons in power they can share with you.

Instead of projecting our human ideas onto the spiritual beings that are dragons, we need a remembering of the true nature of dragons and the dragon spirit. By reclaiming the true nature of the dragon, we also reclaim our power. Instead of relegating our power to the shadows, misusing it, projecting onto it, or dismissing it, we learn to love it for what it is: our very life force.

We’ve projected our concepts of evil, darkness, fear, rage, and more onto dragons through the ways we’ve portrayed these deeply spiritual beings in movies, television, and books. This is a curious mistake because, in a way, we humans are trying to come to terms with the rightness of power by projecting the misuse of power onto dragons.

The spirit of the dragon came to me at a time when I was introjecting to an extreme. I was heavily misusing my power to the point where it made me physically sick. This is some of the wisdom I received from the dragon spirit.

Power Is a Law and Neutral Energy That Simply Exists

We tend to watch other people in power and observe how they misuse it. Then we blame the concept of power for this misuse. We think power itself is bad, shadowy, or a corrupting influence. Dragons teach us that the nature of power is simply existence. Power by itself is not good or bad—it just exists as an element of the universe. There is no moral quality attached to power.

Power is lifeforce, energy, abundance, dignity, divinity, and peace. Power is not what other people have given you or what others have taken away. You cannot take away power or lose power. You can only have it twisted around, misdirected, or kinked. You can choose to leak power, burst it, or use it, but you cannot destroy it. Like a garden hose that’s been bent at a right angle, the power of the water still exists, only it does not flow to your benefit.

Asking yourself in each moment “Where is my power?" is a way to unkink yourself and wield your power in a conscious, authentic, and generative way.

It Is Vital to Not Play the Matching Game

We tend to match other people’s energy to seem compassionate or empathetic instead of holding onto our own power. Dragons are great at holding power. They invite us to hold our own power and subsequently provide the blueprint that others can use to build their own house of power. Dragons do not see people or anything as “broken.”

We may be scared of appearing cold or indifferent, thereby hurting someone’s feelings. Imagine if an emergency room doctor was called to attend to a heart attack patient and then suffered from a heart attack themselves. Now who is available to help either of them?

A lot of people need a blueprint for how to be well. They do not know what wellness feels like. Stay in your power and hold a state of being that is closest to your personal state of wellness. By doing this you will give people space and safety— space to break open, and safety to rise to a level of being of their highest choosing. This is the highest form of respect you can give another human being: remembering their most powerful state even when they do not.

Radical Sovereignty Involves Great Rest

When we are tired, we are susceptible to the influence of lower frequencies. Great rest can be had in a second or in a few hours. It’s the quality of rest we speak of, not the quantity.

Great rest might look like a good night’s sleep, a moment of silence after a busy day, or a mindful breathing practice, among other methods. True spirituality is really an exercise in radical sovereignty. And sleeping or active resting is the most underrated spiritual practice of all time.

The “Treasure” of the Human Soul Is Locked in the Dungeon of Shame and Doubt

Dragons find the concepts of shame and doubt puzzling and even hilarious. They see shame and doubt as great leaks of power and wouldn’t even dream of indulging in those states.

Dragons are masters at self-preservation and preserving balance in all things. The last thing they would do is invite a murderer into their home. To them, shame is the ultimate murderer. It kills the goodness and equanimity in the world.

They ask that you be vigilant for the voice of shame and not indulge it. As for the shame you already carry, admit to a trusted person your deepest shame. This will unlock your soul like nothing else.

Enjoy Your Own Divinity and Exist in Wide Flow

Dragons enjoy who they are. They are deeply content and in-the-moment. They enjoy themselves. They enjoy their flight, their caves, their sleep, their treasure, and their company. With their wisdom, you can eliminate the belief that you need to be self-critical or self-punishing to be a good person.

Being comfortable in the simple joy of who you are and the things you like is the greatest act of self-respect and service to others. Just being where you are in full awareness (without resistance) can open a wide flow of power.

Suffering Fools Wastes Power

This was the hardest lesson I had to learn! Dragons just sit with you when you’re having a rough day. However, after a certain point, they will leave. If they find that you are more interested in coddling a story, being comfortably stuck, chronically blaming others for your misfortune, and hurting others because you are hurting, they simply leave. They leave as a final act of respect. They do not try to make you feel better because they do not see you as broken. Dragons offer respect as compassion. And if they cannot respect you, they choose to leave so as not to harm you with disrespect.

Dragons ask that you do not tolerate drama. They ask that you give up the need for dramatic anything. Compassion is not the same thing as being complacent, acting as a doormat, or avoiding potential conflict. These are dramas and have nothing to do with compassion. They ask you to choose your peace and prioritize it as number one on your to-be list.

Take inventory of the drama and the crazy-makers in your life. Ask yourself what they offer you. Then work to slowly detangle yourself from them peacefully.

A Settled Heart Can Bring Great Power in Any Moment

This is a lesson I struggled to understand, because dragons and hearts never seem to go together. In fact, people often intentionally make the point of equating dragons with heartlessness.

I think this is because people have misunderstood the true nature of the heart. The true nature of the heart is equanimity, which is a state of mental calmness, composure, and quiet.

You might say that a dragon’s true power comes from complete coherence with their mind and heart. They invite you to sync your mind and heart energetically through breathing practices.

Dragons offer you the greatest respect for your being and your evolution, and have enjoyed giving their treasures to you.

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6 Lessons in Power From Dragons

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