3 Crystals for Coping with Pain

3 Crystals for Coping with Pain


Chronic physical and emotional pain can be deeply draining. Crystals can support you on the healing journey in a multitude of ways.

When we suffer from long-term physical pain, we may feel that our body is letting us down, which can cause fear, anxiety, or even depression. The pain and heartache we feel after a breakup or loss of a loved one can be similarly intense, especially if we have gone through traumatic experiences.

Whether we are suffering from physical or emotional pain, crystals can help us heal and move forward, reconnecting us with our divine nature and reminding us that pain can be a kind of fuel that ignites a flame of transformation in our hearts, challenging us to change, grow, and let go of the things that are no longer serving us. Working with crystals can offer us uplifting support and gentle guidance on our healing journey.

Aquamarine for Emotional Release

Since ancient times, aquamarine has been believed to have a close connection with the oceans, lakes, and rivers of Planet Earth, making it one of the best crystals for relieving stress and cleansing energy. Because of its strong link to the element of water, aquamarine has a cooling effect on the body and can be helpful for reducing inflammation and soothing pain.

We all need an energetic deep clean once in a while to be able to cope with the challenges of our chaotic world. The clarifying properties of aquamarine purify negative energy and painful emotions from your system while activating and balancing your chakras, especially your heart and throat chakras. This gorgeous pale blue crystal works wonders for both emotional and physical pain, refreshing and rejuvenating your body and mind.

Should your pain become overwhelming, hold an aquamarine crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and let the crystal carry you away to an ocean paradise. Allow a sense of bliss and tranquility to take over while each of your senses are soothed by the sound of gently lapping waves.

Bloodstone for Protection and Pain Relief

Bloodstone has long been believed to be a powerful talisman of protection that keeps you safe from energy leaks, energy vampires, and other people’s evil intentions. A stone that is linked to magic and the healing energies of Mother Earth, bloodstone has strong grounding properties and a potent ability to absorb negative energy.

Bloodstone is believed to be a blood purifier that is especially helpful during the menstrual cycle for supporting balanced hormones and a healthy cycle. Bloodstone encourages us to see our bodies as sacred, magical vessels of creation and consider menstruation as a powerful time to connect with our inner goddess.

Bloodstone also reminds us that the pain of past wounds and traumas can be purifying, like a fire burning our shame, fears, and regrets into ashes and making the ground fertile for our rebirth. If you’re going through an especially challenging phase of your life, wear bloodstone as a pendant or a bracelet to protect and ground your energies.

Magnesite for Deep Relaxation

When your mind is struggling to accept a traumatic experience, it can cause imbalances in your body, resulting in low energy, enigmatic pain, and overall poor health. This happens when the energy of past trauma gets trapped in your body, creating energetic blockages. The pain of emotional trauma can sometimes be even stronger than physical pain. With its soothing vibrations, magnesite helps to relieve fear, pain, and sadness caused by emotional trauma.

Magnesite opens up energetic blockages, helping you achieve a calm state of mind so your body can relax and restore itself. This gentle white-and-gray stone is believed to soothe muscle cramps, as well as support the release of tension in the body, which makes it a great crystal for those suffering from migraine headaches.

Magnesite is one of the best stones for calming the mind and releasing fear caused by overthinking. It helps you connect with higher dimensions so you can receive guidance and messages from your guardian angels or spirit guides. Carrying a piece of magnesite in your pocket or purse reminds you to be extra gentle with yourself and show yourself compassion and love, knowing that you can heal and change and grow from your life experiences.

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3 Crystals for Coping with Pain

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