3 Soothing Crystals for Anxiety

3 Soothing Crystals for Anxiety


Work with healing crystals for anxiety and tap into their power for relaxation, protection, and self-love.

If the bad news is that anxiety levels are high, the good news is there has never been so much help available in so many different forms. Many crystals have high vibrational energies, and crystals for anxiety work to calm the mind and soothe fear, dread, and unease.

Crystals can enhance our spiritual growth by connecting us with higher realms and putting us in contact with our spirit guides. Crystals have ancient wisdom and powerful healing energies stored within them, often dating back thousands of years. Working with crystals is a wonderful way to reconnect with the nurturing energies of Mother Earth.

Lepidolite for Relaxation

To overcome anxiety, we must delve deep within ourselves and uncover its root causes. One way to look at anxiety is to see it as an energy blockage in our mind-body system. Something must have caused that blockage, and if we find out what it is, we can restore the free flow of energy within our system. Since all thoughts and emotions are essentially energy, negative thoughts and emotions leave a negative, disruptive imprint on our energy fields, whereas positive thoughts and emotions can uplift and heal us.

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Sleeping With Lepidolite

A lepidolite crystal can help you overcome anxiety by calming your overactive mind and clearing away negative thoughts. This enchanting violet or lilac-gray crystal helps you dissolve your fears by releasing past pain and emotional trauma, which are often the root causes of anxiety.

Place a lepidolite crystal under your pillow or near your bed for deep relaxation and to enhance the quality of your sleep.

Black Tourmaline for Protection

If you’re struggling with anxiety and you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, your anxiety could be caused by absorbing negative, toxic energy from the people and places that surround you. Those of us who are deeply sensitive are also more vulnerable to energy leaks caused by other people’s negativity, which is why we should pay extra attention to protecting our energy.

Black tourmaline is the superstar of protection in the world of crystals. This crystal surrounds you with a potent protective shield that keeps you safe from psychic attacks and toxic energies. In addition, it helps to ground and balance your energies, which is extremely important when you’re struggling with anxiety or stress.

Black Tourmaline
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Wearing Black Tourmaline

Hang a black tourmaline crystal as a pendant on a chain or a bracelet to protect and ground your energies. This can also boost self-confidence and self-esteem, thereby helping you overcome fears that could be hiding deep beneath the surface of your anxiety.

Mangano Calcite for Self-Love

Each time we measure our worth in terms of financial success or social media popularity, we end up feeling small and unworthy. Deep within us we start to feel that we need to justify our existence as we face pressure from society, our families, and our friends to always strive to be the best at everything we do.

Carrying a Mangano Calcite Crystal

The mangano calcite crystal reminds you that you’re worthy just the way you are and that your life has a divine purpose, even if you doubt it from time to time. The deeply nurturing and supportive energy of this crystal helps you relax and release anxiety from your mind and body. Carrying a piece of mangano calcite in your pocket or purse or tucking it underneath your bra will help you absorb the healing vibrations of this powerful crystal for anxiety.

Mangano Calcite
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A Simple Crystals for Anxiety Ritual

  • Sit comfortably in a quiet space and light a candle.
  • Hold one of these three crystals for anxiety in your hands and recite the following: I ask this crystal to release all of my fears and replace them with love and light.
  • Now, close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out three times, and allow a sense of bliss and tranquility to take over. Feel your anxiety as if it’s melting away and your mind is being cleared of worries and anxious overthinking.
  • Stay in this meditative state for as long as you like.
Want to try another way to soothe anxiety with crystals? Try bathing with quartz crystals.
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