Meditation Practice: Drawing a Mandala


In the first episode of Your Creative Spirit, Flora Bowley shares a step-by-step guide to drawing mandalas.

Mandalas are used in myriad cultures for a multitude of reasons — meditation, accessing higher consciousness, establishing a sacred space, and reflecting on the universe. For this practice, we’ll use them as an invitation to play with new shapes and mediums, get our creative juices flowing, and explore art making as a relaxing and meditative practice.


  • Paper
  • Your choice of mediums: fluid acrylic paint, pens, pencils, paint pens, watercolors, markers, and oil pastels are all good options.
  • Natural items such as rocks, leaves, sticks, flowers, moss, etc.


There really are no rules here, but I do like to start with a center point — this can be a dot, an image, a shape, or a word. Moving from your center point, create expanding rings of design moving outward towards the edge of your page. Let each ring be a response to the ring that came before it. You can also go back inside the rings and add embellishments.

I find that the less I think, the easier this practice of making mandalas becomes.


  • Collaboration — one person does one ring and then passes it to someone who does the next ring. Try it with a friend or a larger group.
  • White paint pens on black paper can create a really stunning effect
  • Etch a mandala into black paint with oil pastels underneath
  • Create a mandala using found objects such as leaves, feathers, rocks, sand, art supplies, kitchen tools, or whatever you feel inspired to play with

Flora Bowley in her art studio

Flora Bowley is a painter, creative pioneer and author of two books, Brave Intuitive Painting and Creative Revolution.  Her soulful approach to the creative process has inspired thousands of people to pick up a paintbrush for the first time. Flora lives and creates in Portland, OR.

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