Quarantine Comfort With CBD

Quarantine Comfort With CBD


Discover how CBD can help you through the pandemic.

Like countless others impacted by the psychological and physical effects of an extended quarantine, Eric Balshin, CEO of Yesterday Wellness, finds himself more stressed out and tired than ever before. After a day juggling between parenting a 2-year-old and work responsibilities, Balshin and his wife use CBD to unwind and take the edge off. “By the end of the day we are both stressed, anxious, and exhausted. Frankly, I am not sure either one of us would have been able to handle these 18-hour days without it.”

According to Anna Symonds, director of education for East Fork Cultivars, CBD works by supplementing the body’s endocanabiniod system (ECS) and supporting its optimal functioning. Symonds describes the ECS as “the body’s primary homeostatic regulatory system, which helps keep the activity of all of the body’s systems in balance. This includes processes such as stress response, memory, sleep, pain, immune regulation, metabolism, motor function, mood, and more.”

Joanna Matson-Tandberg, ayurveda practitioner, cannabis consultant, yoga healer, and founder of ZVEDA Botanicals, describes how CBD interacts to stabilize the body’s ECS. “CBD indirectly affects the chemical communication between receptors throughout the body and brain to help create an environment of homeostasis. This balance trickles down to assist by supporting and balancing the immune system, the nervous system, and the digestive system, among most all other systems in the body.”

In situations such as a global pandemic, when we are in a perpetual state of stress or anxiety, our sympathetic nervous systems go on high alert, telling us to quickly run from the perceived threat. As Matson-Tandberg observes, “This creates a chain event that ultimately challenges, and potentially damages, the immune, digestive, and nervous systems if not addressed in a timely manner.“ Balshin adds, “Anxiety impacts our minds, but a lot of it is derived from our bodies. A significant amount of an individual’s serotonin is made in the gut, which is one of the reasons CBD may be beneficial for anxiety.”

First-time users should start low and go slow. Symonds offers these pointers: “Start with 5 mg of CBD and then slowly increase the dosage as needed until you feel the optimal effects. Most people find that 30 mg of CBD represents the sweet spot that works best for them.” In addition, Matson-Tandberg reminds us that when we are struggling with an imbalance in the body, attention and awareness needs to also focus on the state of the mind. “Our mind can create stories, which impart learned reactions due to past experiences and judgements, which can lead to physical responses of stress and inflammation.”

Trista Okel, founder of Empower BodyCare, suggests the following regimen: Soak for 30 to 45 minutes in a hot bath with CBD-infused soaking salts and drink a lot of water while you’re soaking. Follow up by applying CBD body oil to the most troublesome spots and then use body cream on your hands and feet.

Also, for those who overextended themselves when they tried to complete a home improvement project or start an exercise program, Okel recommends a regimen of soaking salts, body oil, and following up with the cream on top of the oil. Also, she loves using a heating pad after applying these products and rubbing them all the way into the skin. “For me, this was a great strategy in getting back to normal quickly.”

After one’s body has returned to a state of homeostasis, Matson-Tandberg encourages her clients to continue this practice regularly. “I’ve had clients and customers tell me that including CBD in their daily routine has changed their lives by helping reduce their feelings of anxiety or stress, and relieving them of chronic or acute pain. Pain relief equals stress relief, and stress relief can relax the body into pain relief.”

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