9 Stories for Healing the Body

9 Stories for Healing the Body

Explore 9 creative and profound ways to heal the body.


It's been said that the single most important factor in healing the body is intention—the intention for the person to heal by the practitioner and more importantly—the intention to heal oneself.

Explore these 9 creative ways to promote profound relaxation and healing in the body. From detoxifying practices like dry brushing and 'Earthing,' to healing systems like acupuncture, energy work and Flower Remedies. Realign the structures in the body through Rolfing; change the vibration of your very cells through the fascinating process of sound therapy and shake the tension and stress out with the curious practice of 'shaking.'

Here are 9 stories to explore healing the body:

The Science Behind Healing Sound There's growing interest in using sound frequency to boost human health. And research backs it up!

Understanding the Healing Power of Rolfing Rolfing often gets confused with deep tissue massage, but the therapy is far from it. Instead of focusing on the muscles, Rolfing manipulates the connective tissue (fascia) to utilize gravity and realign the body structure.

Healing Chronic Back Pain Yoga is prescribed more and more by medical doctors to alleviate back pain. Check out these asanas that strengthen and lengthen the back and core muscles. But don't overlook the deep seated causes behind back pain such as fear and emotional turmoil.

Hands-on Healing if you've received a massage, then you know of the profound healing energy that emanates from the hands. Take a closer look into the age old tradition of hands-on healing.

Shaking Medicine Bring shaking medicine into your life to shimmy out the tension, stress -- ultimately healing the body.

Petal Power: Healing Flower Essences Flower essence remedies have an interesting history behind them. Their widespread use and functionality are creating a stir.

Barefoot Healing "Earthing" utilizes wisdom from planet earth that our ancestors knew -- that we can ground our energies and absorb beneficial minerals from the soil and Mother Earth.

Garshana: Ayurvedic Dry Skin Brushing The simple self-care practice of Garshana promotes lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and self-love. Here's how to do it...

Acupuncture: Bringing the Body Back into Balance Acupuncture now has many studies to validate its effect on the body-mind. Read on to find out how it brings the body back into balance.

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