What UC San Diego Research Tells Us About Most Common Reasons for New Cannabis Users

Where Can You Find Marketing Gold?

Finding and communicating with new customers is marketing gold. With the hyper-competitive CBD and Cannabis market growing by leaps and bounds, where can marketers find new customers before their competitors do?

Recently published research from University of California at San Diego says there is a big opportunity in older adults.

Published in the October 2020 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, “Cannabis: An Emerging Treatment for Common Symptoms in Older Adults” found major opportunity among natural-health-seeking consumers.

“Surprisingly, we found that nearly three-fifths of cannabis users reported using cannabis for the first time as older adults. These individuals were a unique group compared to those who used cannabis in the past,” said Kevin Yang, co-first author and third-year medical student at UC San Diego.

“Pain, insomnia, and anxiety were the most common reasons for cannabis use and, for the most part, patients reported that cannabis was helping to address these issues, especially with insomnia and pain,” said Christopher Kaufmann, PhD, co-first author of the study and assistant professor in the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology in the Department of Medicine at UC San Diego.

Half (53%) said they are using cannabis regularly on a daily or weekly basis, and reported using cannabidiol‐only (CBD) products (46%). The majority (78%) used cannabis for medical purposes only, with the most common targeted conditions/symptoms being pain/arthritis (73%), sleep disturbance (29%), anxiety (24%), and depression (17%). Just over three‐quarters reported cannabis “somewhat” or “extremely” helpful in managing one of these conditions, with few adverse effects. Just over half obtained cannabis via a dispensary, and lotions (35%), tinctures (35%), and smoking (30%) were the most common forms of consumption.

More here: https://www.newhope.com/news/study-finds-older-adults-using-cannabis-treat-common-health-conditions

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