4 Steps to Receive Your Soulmate

4 Steps to Receive Your Soulmate

Step 3 of 4

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Discover the third step on the path to find your soulmate.

In the previous two articles I outlined step 1 and step 2. Be sure to read those before continuing.

Step 3: Clean Up Relationships

This step is very important.

You need to be able to see the toxic people that surround you an order to connect with your soulmate.

Take a deep look at your relationships...Are they sucking your energy dry or are they taking away your energy? During the process of releasing the toxic people out of your life you will helping them to move forward and having them no longer be a part of your lives will bring forward immediate success.

We’ve been brought up to believe it is OK to accept the negativity of others and to take on the toxic relationships.

We are not here to either create or have negativity in our lives.

So many of us think it is okay to accept the negativity of others; to take on the toxic relationships. Whether it's our parents, whether it's our friends, whether it is the relationship that we are in, or maybe it is ourselves. We are not here to create negativity or to have negativity in our space. Each and every one of us is here to have true fulfillment and happiness in all that we touch and go near.

Think about this: when you are done with your day at work...

Do you feel as though you were drained, lacking energy, tired, and not motivated?

A lot of people do not realize that we also take on negative or draining energy that comes from the coworkers or associates we work with. Not getting involved with the gossip or the games that are being played at work is another key part in the five steps of connecting and to receive your soul mate.

If you feel as though you do not want to create any type of friction or complications with your family, with your loved ones, with your friends, with the people at work. And you're willing to sacrifice your own happiness to satisfy others; that does not change the situation where your energy will be in the right place.

Your energy will continue to stay in a downward tailspin because others energy will end up sucking yours dry.

Open up your eyes and stop trying to sacrifice.

None of us were born to sacrifice our lives to benefit others happiness or for us to live depressed, lacking lives. Not knowing what it is to have love, to be filled with sadness and pain. We are all here to have happiness, harmony, and fulfill our purpose with our soulmate.

If you don’t think you can clean house of those toxic relationships, it's OK. Just understand that you are sacrificing your energy and happiness in order to satisfy others.

I urge you to consider house cleaning in order to get rid of the pain open up to having a life of happiness, harmony and to find your Soulmate.

Shutterstock 482226280

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