4 Steps to Receive Your Soulmate

4 Steps to Receive Your Soulmate

Step 2 of 4

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Discover the second step on the path to find your soulmate.

In the previous article I outlined step 1 to receiving your soulmate. Be sure to read that before continuing.

Step 2: Practice Self-Love

In order to be with your soulmate it is necessary to have self-love.

Self-love is something that is very important when it comes to loving someone else many of us do not understand the value and the importance towards self-love. It is necessary to have self-love because without self-love you will not know how to love someone else.

Let me share this story with you.

I had a client that I worked with who believed that she was happily married. She truly thought she had the perfect marriage and the perfect life.

As an intuitive life coach, I was able to see very clearly that she had actually closed off with her heart chakra. I could see that her heart chakra was experiencing a huge amount of pain, loneliness, sadness and lack of deeper communication.

She definitely was not connected spiritually.

So through working with me she was able to discover that she was hiding her emotions and she was holding herself back. We discovered that it was because she was missing self-love and self-respect and couldn’t see that her husband was cheating and not giving her any emotional, financial or spiritual support

After working with me she divorced her husband and found her soulmate. She realized the key was self-love. Self-love is very necessary and without self-love you cannot unblock yourself and find your Soul Mate.

Shutterstock 482226280

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