Life Purpose Shaman

Life Purpose Shaman is a powerfully gifted intuitive Shaman who has over 35 years of experience helping people achieve their goals around the world. She has guided countless individuals to achieving their life’s purpose and connecting with their soulmate. Shaman has led a life solely focused on her purpose which is to be a teacher of teachers. Having been born with prophetic abilities to communicate with God, angels and people who have passed away throughout her lifetimes on Earth, Shaman was taken in and mentored by extraordinary spiritual teachers around the world as a child. Her teachers in this lifetime included Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Hopi Indian Medicine Man, and so many other gurus and shamans around the world. She not only can communicate with the spiritual realm, but she can also see, feel, and heal energy. Shaman has helped so many achieve energetic balance, heal from sickness, and awaken their soul, spirit, and body. Her powerful healing ability is what has allowed her to create transformation within all of her clients.

For years Shaman has been known as the best kept secret in Hollywood and political circles. She has been the secret behind many of Wall Street’s biggest trades and blockbuster films. Having guided so many to financial success and stardom, Shaman switched gears and has been focusing on connecting with God’s chosen children to help them live their life’s purpose and connect with their soulmate. She is the answer to all of which so many who feel lost, alone, or at the end of their rope have been looking for. Shaman has been asked to speak and teach in London, Dubai, New York, Burning Man and Kripalu to name a few. Wherever in the world Shaman teaches, she creates transformation within every person present. Her students are scattered across the globe spreading light and creating change as teachers themselves. Shaman is the oracle to the Universe and a wealth of knowledge that so many are in desperate need of connecting with.