Finding Your Soul Note

Finding Your Soul Note


What is your Soul note vibration? “Cleanse and purify thyself and I will exalt thee to the throne of power.”

In my first article, I described how finding your Soul note emanates when activated to attract people and experiences to you, and enables you to calm and nullify anger and spite. Several areas of preparation can be used to make the process of finding your note and increasing the level of light emanation easier.

Many on the spiritual path have neglected the holy temple of the physical body as not being worthy of love and consideration, but to enable light to emanate, a thorough cleansing should be undertaken.

How can a polluted body shine as a light temple? To begin with, the intestinal and digestive tracts need a cleansing regime, for this is where most diseases start, and many ailments disappear when this is done. Several parasitic disease symptoms mimic many other ailments, and over 130 varieties of parasites can live in a human body and are easy to ingest. It is easy to get into denial for the need to cleanse as it can threaten our desire body and is not always an easy process. However, the proof is the result as those who have persevered will show. The gut and mind communicate. Healthy body, healthy mind!

It is important to cleanse the entire intestinal tract and not just the large intestine, although a colonic irrigation is an excellent way to begin the process, as it clears out impacted feces, parasites, candida, and other pathogens. If a thick layer of mucous is lining the walls of the intestines assimilation is impaired and malnutrition can occur, requiring us to eat far more food than we need in order to get the required amount of nutrients, putting an even greater strain on our system, and making it impossible to lose weight.

A full cleanse needs discipline and perseverance and is best done with a qualified natural therapist who will advise on herbal and natural methods of purification. Allow at least three months for the process to have full beneficial results. The quality and quantity of food are also important, as is emanating light onto your food before eating, and seeing this light entering your body. There is no real shortcut to enlightenment for if there was, everyone would gain this level without effort.

During this time of physical cleansing, many old emotions and unresolved feelings that have been stored in the cellular body will surface. Cleansing of these memories should also be done, and there are a few good methods for this.

One way is for you to strip them from your astral body, where many are held, and throw them into the light. You can also create a vortex of light in which to stand and release unwanted thoughts. Why not write down whatever surfaces and act on unresolved issues if possible, then burn the writing. If unresolvable, burn it anyway.

Some may find various therapies helpful and be guided to which one suits, particularly for deeper issues. For traumas so deeply embedded they are very hard to shift without assistance, find a qualified therapist to guide you through this process.

A little forgiveness works wonders for yourself and those involved in your unresolved situation. Try to release all people, clothes, and things you no longer need to lighten up your life. Toxic relationships are one of the hardest to discard, but will only drag you down. Love your body, you created it so it is up to you to take care of it and keep it healthy and vibrant. See each cell filled with light and visualize light moving through your body, healing, cleansing, and rejuvenating. It really does work.

If you are not happy with who you are now, behave as you would like to be, i.e. Walk your talk. When this is done with love and light, many changes occur and the cleansing becomes easier. Fun, laughter, singing, dancing and certain exercises, affirmations, visualizations, and service to others become a great and natural part of your life. Love can then flow unimpeded through you and ascension, the natural state of being for humankind, the greatest freedom we can know, is the next step.

According to Joanna Cherry, founder of Ascension Mastery International, who lives in Mt. Shasta city, and has written of the ascension process:

“ascension is nothing more or less than the freedom to interact between the physical plane and the higher planes, or to remain on any particular plane. It enables you to create for your loving use, whatever is needed. When you ascend you function in a lighter body already, which vibrates at a greater speed than your physical one. A lighter body already exists in each one of us, and is perfect in shape, health, beauty, enjoys unlimited energy, doesn't age, become ill or die.”

Some call this process physical immortality and a number of ascensions have been historically recorded. St. Anna, mother of Mary and patron saint of Brittany, who was born in Cornwall, and more recently Rupa Bahwani, a Kashmiri saint whose 400th anniversary was celebrated by her followers on 24th June this year. However, we all have this ability within us as we fully realize who we are—a Spark of Light and Love in the Heart of God who created us in perfection.

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