How to Meet Your Spirit Guide

How to Meet Your Spirit Guide


Are you feeling alone, facing difficult times, and in need of guidance? Discover how to contact your spirit guide through meditation.

You are never truly alone.

Anytime you wish, you have the option to contact your spirit guide—a powerful energy that is dedicated to watching over you, supporting you, and being an ever-present force of loving-kindness in your life.

While many who have crossed over from this physical existence may care for and watch over us, a spirit guide is one with whom we share a particularly close connection. It’s not even necessarily someone you knew in life. So how do you meet your spirit guide?

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

This spirit guide meditation is designed to help you connect with your personal spirit guide. As you work with your guide, you will become more and more attuned to their energy, and they will walk ever more closely beside you on your life path.

Before you begin, I suggest having a notepad or journal next to you, and a pen for writing down your experience at the end of your meditation. Set aside 10–15 minutes to prepare for the meditation.

  • Go to your quiet space. It is important that you find a place where you will not be distracted by your phone, your family members, or any outside disturbances. It is important that in this space you feel comfortable, safe, and calm. Your inner world needs to be calm and still, not just your outer world.
  • Shift your focus away from your thoughts and inner dialogue. In this place of quiet, it is important to begin settling your thoughts. This means stopping not only your to-do lists and worries, but also the ideas and sparks of inspiration that may come forward in the quiet of your mind. To get to a place absent of thought, I suggest you watch the light show behind your eyelids. Become a spectator.
  • Turn your attention to your breath. When thoughts begin to pop up—and they will—it is helpful to focus on your breath. Your breathing should be steady. In through your nose, take a deep and generous inhale. Out through your nose, send a deep and relaxing exhale. Imagine the in-breath nourishing all the cells of your body and imagine your body becoming relaxed and worry-free with the out-breath.
  • Imagine golden energy beams in and around you; really feel their warmth. Imagine golden beams of light coming from above, through the crown of your head and filling you up with new, healing energy. Feel the warmth and the healing surge through you. Welcome the light and this revitalizing love energy.
  • Begin positive thought (i.e., focus on all you are grateful for). Talk to yourself about all you are grateful for, all that you love about yourself and your life. In this place of self-love and gratitude you open yourself to communication with the energy that lives in love and gratitude. Your spirit guide resides in this energy.

Now you are ready to enter your sacred garden—the safe place within you for healing—and contact your spirit guide.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Step 1: Know Your Sacred Place

Imagine that you are walking into a beautiful, magical garden. In this place you are safe, you are infinitely loved, and you are accepted as you are. This is a place where you can be healed, where you can gain calm, and where you can get answers to your questions.

Your sacred garden may feel familiar. You may feel like you have been there before, or you may feel like it is somehow familiar to you. Take some time to look around and notice what is there. Take a walk and look around; try to notice as much as possible.

Step 2: Meet Your Spirit Guide

Now it is time to ask your spirit guide to come forward. Ask with the feeling of expectancy and love. Like you are excited to meet your best friend for the first time.

Who is your guide? Make sure to notice details about them. Know that there is no right or wrong direction.

Ask your spirit guide for their name.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Spirit Guide

Now it is time to get to know your spirit guide. You can ask questions or you can simply observe. What do you notice about your interaction with your spirit guide? How do you feel?

Step 4: Rest in Gratitude

Thank your spirit guide for joining you in this sacred place within. It is comforting to know that there is a sacred place you can go in meditation to feel safe and accepted. Visit this place as often as you like.

Exploring Your Experience

When you are ready to open your eyes, before you do anything else, pick up your notepad and your pen and begin to journal about your experiences.

  • Details about your sacred garden: What does your sacred garden look like? Describe it in as much detail as you wish. Are there trees? Is there water? Do you see animals? It may not even be a garden at all; perhaps it is a beach, a quiet forest, or any other favorite place of peace and comfort. What does it smell like? Do you smell flowers, trees? The salty ocean breeze? Do you smell food, spices lingering in the air?
  • Details about your spirit guide: What do they look like? Does your spirit guide have a name? What kind of energy does your spirit guide carry? What does it feel like to be in their presence?
  • Your sacred garden Q & A: Did you ask questions in your garden? If so, did you get answers? Did your spirit guide answer or did you feel the answer? List the questions you asked. List your answers.

As time goes on, you may find that you can use this place as your own spiritual workshop within, getting answers to questions, finding solutions, resolving issues, and creatively working with your reality.

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