The Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain


The Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain

The hips are connected to the energy center that governs creativity. The spiritual meaning of hip pain can also be tied to old memories, traumas, and uncomfortable emotions like shame.

Pain in the hips can occur in numerous ways. There might be tension at the front of the hips, a general stiffness in the entire hip joint, or even sciatica, which is also thought of as lower back pain.

We all know where our hips are, but the hip is a major joint in our bodies with multiple functions. Much of our locomotion comes from the hip joints, and when there’s pain in the hips, it’s worth getting assessed by a doctor or physiotherapist. It’s also worth considering the spiritual meaning of hip pain.

Are You Stuck?

The hip joints allow us to walk, run, bike, and even crawl. When the hips aren’t working right, we get stuck where we are, unable to move forward or backward. If your hip pain is preventing you from moving the way you normally do, perhaps your hips are trying to tell you something. Ask yourself:

  • Where am I heading in my life?
  • Is this direction truly the way I want to go?
  • Where else or how else do I feel stuck emotionally or spiritually?
  • If I could move anywhere, where would I want to go?
  • What does my hip pain prevent me from doing? Are these things I actually want to do?

Considering Connections: Hips & Pelvis

The hips are, of course, the joints connected to the pelvis. Energetically, they are related to the second chakra, svadisthana, which is located in the lower abdomen in line with the sacrum. This is the energy center that has to do with creation—specifically reproductive generation. This is our sexual, sensual center and the location of our genitals, that most intimate place within us. The quickest way to pull this chakra out of balance is when we feel unsafe.

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The hips and second chakra can also be a place where we store things we don’t want to face in the moment. The hips can be a bit of a storage container for old memories, traumas, and uncomfortable emotions like shame.

Here are some questions you could ask yourself:

  • How connected do I feel to my sexuality?
  • Do I experience pleasure and joy in my day-to-day life?
  • If not, why not? What is preventing me from experiencing joy?
  • Do I feel safe?
  • How connected do I feel to my emotions?
  • Is there something I’m not dealing with?

Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain & the Mother Wound

Before we were born, we existed inside of our grandmothers, as a tiny little egg nestled inside of our mother’s belly while she was just a fetus in her mother’s womb. We are like little nesting Russian dolls, one inside its mother’s mother. Often, hip pain has some emotional connection to the mother. This can manifest as intergenerational trauma—the stresses your grandmother experienced when she was pregnant with your mother could have impacted you when you were just a little egg cell. This biological drama was all happening in the bowl of the pelvis. Here are some questions to ask about the mother wound:

  • What is my relationship like with my mother?
  • What do I know about her relationship with hers?
  • If I am a mother, how do I feel about that aspect of my identity?

Rebalancing & Rest for Hip Health

In order to check in with the hips and rebalance the second chakra, we need to pay some attention to this part of the body. Here are two ways to try:

Constructive Rest for Hip Health: Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Let your knees fall together so that your legs are totally relaxed. Put your hands on your belly low down, on the front of your pelvis. Breathe deeply into the pelvis and hip area. Relax as much as you can. Simply pay attention to the thoughts and sensations that arise as you breathe into this part of your body.

Yin Pigeon Pose: This one may be a little harder on the knees, so please be aware of that and do not do anything that hurts.

Sit on a bolster or long, firm pillow near the top of your mat. The bolster should be parallel to the short edge of your mat. Lean to the left and swing your right leg behind you. Straighten it if you can. Settle your left shin onto the floor in front of the bolster, and adjust until you feel relatively comfortable and are feeling nothing in your knee. Fold your upper body down any amount, including onto pillows or blocks so you can relax. Look for some sensation in the hips, but don’t go for the most intense sensation you can feel.

Breathe deeply and stay present with the discomfort in your hips. Pain is a warning signal, and if you feel that, come out right away. However, if it’s just uncomfortable and you feel safe, try to relax and breathe into the experience if you can. Stay for five minutes, then switch sides.

When you come out, lie down. With your feet on the floor, windshield-wipe your knees from side to side several times, and then rest. Notice how you feel emotionally and assess whether you were able to let anything go.

For further consideration, ask what’s hiding in your hips?


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Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain

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