A Practice to Tap Into Creativity With the 2nd Chakra

A Practice to Tap Into Creativity With the 2nd Chakra

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A practice you can apply as you begin any creative project.

Q. I understand that the second chakra is a source of energy for creative expression. How can I use my second chakra energy consistently for the creative projects I’d like to complete?

The second chakra is wildly diverse — it has so many fascinating and interesting roles to play in our understanding and expression of our uniqueness. You are absolutely correct; your second chakra energy can be consciously harnessed and utilized to support creative endeavors of any kind.

We create all the time, don’t we? We create relationships with others, and imbue our interactions with emotional meaning. We create work product, doodle on paper while talking on the phone. We create gardens and blogs and books and art. We create relationships and sexual ecstasy and intimate connection. That’s the second chakras job!

Our beautiful second chakra can enable us to reach our pinnacle of emotional awareness when it’s wholly centered on our unique and authentic selves.

When we think of chakras as metabolizers, as centers that use energy to create and manifest concrete experience, moment by moment, hour by hour, and day by day, we begin to understand that energy is both infinite and finite. We have plenty of energy to live our lives at a macro level. We experience our lives as days and years go by, fueled by our energy.

Yet at the micro level, we expend energy differently depending on the tasks and activities associated with our endeavors.

Marathon runners steadily build stamina to prepare to run races. They bank that energy and fuel their intention and attention with milestones, training plans and practice runs. The day of the race, they expend their energy and run for the ribbon…or for completion or whatever target they’ve set for the race. In the days following, they conceivably rest, recoup, and recover.

Whatever your creative jam, intentionality and focus funnel energy toward actualizing your ideas. Whatever your creative jam, you need lots of your own energy to bring your project to fruition. Your creative impetus generates from your second chakra.

What can stand in the way of having a consistent flow of second chakra energy for your creative endeavors? Why might you find sporadic and inconsistent energy available to create and manifest your ideas? It can happen to all of us, and it is related to how our energy is flowing and where it gets allocated.

Depending on how the second chakra energy is focalized, it may be entangled with a lot of other people and their emotional experiences. We can tend to be externally focused with our second chakra. When this is the case, we are highly attuned to others emotional state, which we perceive and assess by displacing our authentic second chakra energy to make room for the second chakra energy of others.

We garner feedback and context around someone else’s experience and emotional landscape by taking on their energy, but it has no intrinsic usability for our creations.

Here’s a practice you can apply as you begin any creative project — whether it be a massive project or simple task, it’s best to have your energetic resources available to your efforts.

  • Bring your awareness to your second chakra, two fingers below the navel
  • Say ‘hello’ silently and psychically to any energies vibrating in the second chakra that belong to anyone other than you
    • You may know specific people whose energy you’re holding, silently and psychically say ‘hello’ to them
    • For those you don’t know, (and this is often the vast majority of second chakra energies), a simple ‘hello’ will do
  • Imagine extracting those energies from your second chakra and enclosing them in winged envelopes that say, ‘Return to Owner’
  • Send the envelopes on their way back to whomever the energy belongs
  • Then, say ‘hello’ psychically to anyone who is holding your second chakra energy and call it back to you
  • Your own energy will readily and happily return to you
  • Notice, observe and validate any sensations, uptick in your energy, feeling of fullness or completeness
  • Now get creative!

Reclaiming your second chakra energy is an empowering and liberating act. Truth be told, I do it almost every day. I adore my connection to others, and I enjoy having my energy available for my projects, tasks and creative endeavors.

Empower yourself and create with every ounce of your beautiful, expressive energy! The world is your oyster, and your second chakra is a pearl beyond measure.

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