The Energetics of Various Foodstuffs

The Energetics of Various Foodstuffs

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Various types of food and nutrients provide different kinds of subtle energetics. Fats for fulfillment, carbs for comfort.

One of the most important ways to decide what to eat and what to avoid involves an understanding of the subtle energetics of various types of foodstuffs. As you’ll discover, carbs provide instant energy and comfort. If your best friend just moved away, you aren’t going to crave a strengthening protein. You’ll want a comforting carb. That’s okay—just select a healthy one for your chakra type. But when you’re headed to her going-away party? You might want to snack on a protein first, as you’ll need the strength proteins offer.

The following outline of various types of foodstuffs and nutrients can key you in to the energies each substance provides.

Proteins for Power

Proteins grow and repair tissues. Energetically, they strengthen and empower, reducing your sense of being powerless or victimized by life’s ups and downs. Consuming more protein than needed signals that you’re out of touch with your inner power or you’re doubting your ability to cope with life’s issues.

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Fulfillment Through Fats

Packing more than twice the calories of proteins and carbs, fats store energy while insulating and protecting your organs. They also establish boundaries and protection, allowing you to feel fulfilled and safe. Carrying too much fat around your middle—or anywhere else? You’re overprotecting yourself, and are probably full of your own or others’ shame. Fat can absorb shame, keeping you locked in a cycle of self-denigration or addictive tendencies. Empaths without healthy boundaries can pack on extra pounds that hold everyone else’s toxic emotions. Can’t keep on weight no matter what? You aren’t embracing the love offered to you.

The Comfort of Carbs

Providing sugar for energy, carbs deliver feelings of safety and lovability. They are all about comfort, contentment, and coziness. Cravings for carbs indicate you don’t have a rich, internal source for self-satisfaction.

The Desires of Dairy

Dairy products leave us feeling gratified and satiated. When you want to feel taken care of, you may turn to dairy. Find new ways of caring for yourself and you won’t need dairy to do the heavy lifting.

Waiting for Water

Your body is 70 percent water. Water molecules are crystalline in form, and can therefore be programmed by positive or negative philosophies. That means this nutrient transporter and cleansing agent carries your beliefs around in your body. If you avoid water, you probably hold a lot of destructive beliefs about yourself. Bless your water with life-enhancing affirmations and change all that.

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Filling Up With Fiber

Fiber cleanses and removes waste. If you are chronically constipated or don’t consume enough fiber, you might have a problem with releasing and letting go of anything from tangible goods to emotions and relationships. Do you have a lot of diarrhea or over-consume fiber? You might not be processing what you need to, from your emotions to awareness about yourself and the world.

Meaningful Minerals

These inorganic but necessary elements move life forward. There are many types and sources of the following minerals. You’ll want to work with a nutritionist or naturopath to decide which suit you best.

Following are the energetic meanings of a few of your most necessary minerals.

CALCIUM. Calcium is required for healthy bones and teeth, but also to keep your muscles and brain moving. Energetically, it symbolizes the need for a healthy structure and framework upon which to build your life.

IRON. Iron carries oxygen and supports many chemical processes. It represents the ability to respond to stress and come out on top.

MAGNESIUM. Magnesium is responsible for more than 300 enzymatic reactions. Its jobs include relaxing your muscles and easing stress. It’s also a secret weapon against illness. Required in every bodily process, magnesium also energetically represents your ability to allow your Higher Power into your everyday life.

POTASSIUM. Potassium is a vital mineral integral to muscle contractions, as well as heart and fluid functions. Metaphysically, potassium opens and shuts the doorway to the heavens. It is the counterpart to sodium, which grounds you in the here and now.

SODIUM. Salt is a busy mineral, maintaining normal blood pressure, supporting your nerves and muscles, and keeping your fluids balanced. Energetically, it provides the flavor of everyday joy. As the counterbalance to potassium, sodium allows you to reach for the heavens through the doorway that potassium has opened.

The Vitality of Vitamins

Vitamins are absolutely necessary for every bodily function. Each of these water- or fat-soluble nutrients reflects a quality you need to accept, process, and use. The following insights can assist you in making good choices.

VITAMIN A. Necessary for vision and tissue health. Supports your willingness to see truth.

B VITAMINS. Convert food into energy. Support your passions and goals.

VITAMIN C. A great antioxidant that invites meaningful connections and intimacy, as well as the clearing needed to support these relationships.

VITAMIN D. Strengthens the bones and reduces stress, even while it allows you to embrace all that occurs in your life.

VITAMIN E. Serves as an antioxidant and might protect from certain disease processes; can be anti-inflammatory. Represents your willingness to let go of old and others’ energies.

VITAMIN K. Activates proteins and calcium for blood clotting. Allows you to accept your personal strength and control your negative thoughts and behaviors.

In the end, selecting foods for their subtle energetics will give you more energy all around.

From Chakras, Food and You, by Cyndi Dale and Dana Childs. Copyright © 2021 by the authors, and reprinted with permission of St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

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