7 Chakra Healings to Reduce Financial Stress

7 Chakra Healings to Reduce Financial Stress

Take this quiz to discover which chakra houses your major financial issue and how to move toward prosperity

The 7 in-body chakras—every chakra carries your memories, concerns, and programs about money.

Has the pandemic triggered money worries? Track the issue to its corresponding chakra to clear your financial challenges and take simple, prescribed steps toward prosperity.

Many of us are emerging from the pandemic with new concerns about money. What is the main issue blocking you from the release of debt or gaining financial abundance? By tracking your major financial issue to its corresponding chakra, you can gain the insights needed to unpack your money challenges.

Chakras are subtle energy organs that hold information about you. The seven in-body chakras are all anchored in the spine, and each manage a specific set of physical, psychological, and spiritual functions. Every chakra, however, carries your memories, concerns, and programs about money. That’s because we need money to meet all our needs, from survival to relationships. (Ever tried taking someone out on a date without money? Doesn’t work!) There is one chakra, however, that holds and governs your main financial issues, and that chakra varies from person to person.

Take this simple quiz to discover which chakra houses your major financial issue. Of the seven statements below, one for each in-body chakra, identify the one that is most descriptive of you. Then read the solutions key to discover which chakra houses your main financial issue and learn the best solution for you.

Chakra Financial Quiz

Read through all seven statements and determine the answer that best completes the following statement:

When under financial stress, the greatest challenge is that …

  1. I assume I’ll lose everything I own.
  2. I feel overemotional and can’t get to my “happy.”
  3. My mind won’t stop racing, and every thought is negative.
  4. I worry all my relationships will fail.
  5. I can’t focus when talking, reading, or even when listening to music.
  6. No matter how hard I try, I can’t create a forward-moving plan.
  7. I lose my connection to the “Oneness” I rely on.

Chakra Financial Solutions

You’ve now figured out which chakra holds your primary financial issue. Your selected number from the quiz corresponds to the numerical equivalent below of your most affected chakra.

Next to the chakra number are two words depicting your key values. The first paragraph reveals your chakra-based fiscal personality. The second paragraph offers a one-week exercise drawing on your chakra strengths—so you can face your financial challenges and move into prosperity.

Chakra One: Physical Security. You base your sense of safety on objects, substances, and a guaranteed flow of money. It is hard for you to understand everything solid starts as an idea—as something invisible. Under financial stress, the terror of losing everything concrete takes over.
Use this exercise to: gain increased power for making money and achieving abundance.
Practice: Once a day for a week, focus on something concrete you own. Track its arrival to the idea, opportunity, or connection that brought that object into your life. At the end of the week, ask yourself: What special way did I bring these material items or money into my life? Embrace this internal, ineffable ability and use it whenever you have a material need.

Chakra Two: Emotional Stability. Years ago a popular song expressed the idea that life is nothing more than feelings. You are that song. As long as your rainbow expression of feelings begins and ends with joy, you’re good to go. You’ll create a solution for every problem. Scared about money? The negative emotions will overtake you and prevent manifesting.
Use this exercise to: get back into your happily innovative prosperity groove.
Practice: For the next week, when overwhelmed with a tough feeling, stop. Every major feeling provides a message that will help you regain joy. If you follow its advisement, you’ll return to joy, as well as emotional and financial stability. Fear tells you to take action to become safer. Sadness proposes you seek a deeper way to be loved or loving. Anger demands you set a boundary. Disgust suggests you abstain from something (or someone) bad for you. Happiness? Do more of what you’re doing!

Chakra Three: Mental Clarity. You’ll be your super-productive, prosperous self as long as your thoughts are positive. You’ll analyze, project manage, then act. When money worries overtake you, your thoughts can too easily spiral downward. You can forget that truth is always optimistic, and there goes your self-confidence and logic.
Use this exercise to: turn off the monkey mind and start problem-solving again.
Practice: Write down seven affirmations reflecting higher truths about abundance. Concentrate on one a day, refocusing your mind when it becomes doubting. Examples can include “I am magnetizing money”; “I embrace the exact right ideas for becoming solvent”; or “I am worthy of manifesting.” At the end of the week, reduce the affirmations to a single statement and make it your mantra going forward.

Chakra Four: Relationship Balance. Most of the time, if focused on love, you’ll feel wealthy. Some financial stressors can threaten your sense of lovability, though. You forget love is the greatest power of all—not what’s in your pocketbook. Then your heart, and ability to receive abundance, can shut down.
Use this exercise to: remain balanced so you can rebalance your checkbook.
Practice: Cultivate strong self-love for seven full days. First, decide you’ll walk around with your shoulders back and your head held high. The world will share more love (and money) if you act like you deserve it. Then, three times a day, visualize the pink energy of unconditional love streaming into the backside of your fourth chakra, located in the upper-midback. This love will fill your chest cavity and then emanate through your front side, attracting all kinds of riches.

Chakra Five: Communication Flow. Learning, talking, reading, singing, writing, opening to spiritual guidance—whatever your deal, you’re the communicator of the chakra zodiac. Then, a financial demon gets you, and you wonder what you’re doing wrong. The resulting self-blame can inhibit your ability to research, whether intuitively or practically.
Use this exercise to: return to a “prosperous process.”
Practice: Every day for a week, rise and decide to shine. Then, hold a conversation with your internal sage or Higher Power. Request the powers-that-be send you verbal advice about your financial issues during the day. What might show up? A radio song (listen to those lyrics!), phrase in a book, communique on a billboard or license plate, or maybe an intuitive memo.

Chakra Six: Strategic Planning. There are two self-images inside your sixth chakra. The first reflects your true self. When you use your deep insight and clairvoyance (ability to psychically see) from this space, you’ll earn a home run no matter what financial curveball is thrown your way. You’ll compose and carry out a plan. Then there’s the “sad self.” Financial challenges can stir up this self’s pessimistic perceptions, and you’ll keep muddling up your manifesting.
Use this exercise to: reawaken your inner sage.
Practice: Meditate for a few moments, and let yourself psychically sense, see, or feel your true self, the one with the great self-image. Then start Googling images. Run off every picture that depicts your real self. Select activities, colors, success suits—it doesn’t matter! Create a collage and take a picture with your phone. Gaze at this selfie whenever you focus on finances during the next week, and you’ll soon be super-strategizing.

Chakra Seven: Spiritual Connectivity. For you, it’s all about spirit. You could pray, meditate, or contemplate every day away. From that place of unity, you can deal with all things—except when finances go haywire, it can be hard to remember you’re hardwired to “The Spirit.” You’ll think that the Oneness is detaching, rather than you.
Use this exercise to: remember your spiritual reconnection.
Practice: Get ready—you have a cool week coming up! You’re going to be praying or sending messages to the Oneness, meditating or receiving responses, and contemplating or enjoying your divine relationship. For the first two days, communicate about your finances with the Oneness however you want. Say or think anything. During the next two days, be open to receiving answers. The next two days? Simply sense the presence of that Oneness. On the third day, put everything together. Invested in your divine connection, you can fast-track your finances.

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