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5 Steps to Solving the Opioid Crisis

By paying attention and anticipating pain (tension, need for energy, and so on), people come to “health consciousness” and are less likely to abuse prescription drugs.

A Little Light Overcomes Much Darkness: Seeking Good Points

Adapted from Changing the World from the Inside Out

A Wake Up Call with Bruce Lipton, PhD

Cell biologist Bruce H. Lipton, PhD reveals how the current crisis of today is a catalyst for change.

Sober Bars: Tapping Into the Placebo Effect

Love bars but not drinking? Sober bars offer a placebo-alcohol experience. But does it really work?

Spirituality and Books

“Books are my best friends ...” says Rabbi Rami, discussing the connection between spirituality and books—and why he chooses company carefully.

Stop the Cycle of Feeling Rejected

New insights into the spiral toward social exclusion.

Why Do I Feel So Alone?

Loneliness can be an invitation to change