Are You Attracted to Your Destiny?

Are You Attracted to Your Destiny?

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Contemplate the Nine Attractions of Whole Time to get a better understanding of your place in the universe.

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What if time, in its deepest sense, was your attraction to the unfolding of your unique destiny? You are invited to join a dance into a whole, sacred, and unique landscape of time, one that belongs only to you.

Some background: Before the invention (and later commercialization) of CLOCK-TIME, indigenous cultures around the world lived more in harmony with the natural rhythms, pacing, schedules, and routines of the celestial, aquatic, and animal forces that they partnered with.

Many modern problems—including stress, workaholism, unhealthy fast-food consumption, even climate change—can be linked to a colonized, capitalist version of time: limited, linear, separating, measurable, and artificial. You might believe “I only have so much time.”

But, wait … you can work out your destiny around this space-time predicament. In contemplation, you can discover how true time is your attraction to universal forces that influence all of us every day. These forces are Cause-and-Effect (karma), Gravity (things coming together), Chaos or Entropy (things falling apart), and Nurturing Conditions (things becoming). Each force has its place. Each sings into your wholeness at auspicious “times” in your life.

Here are nine different Attractions to contemplate. Which ones (a) are calling to you now? (b) are unfolding your future? and (c) have brought you to a current transition in your life?

Consider, how have you been:

  • Opening (releasing, letting go, trusting the process)?

  • Challenging (taking a stand, setting boundaries, speaking your truth)?

  • Intending (taking action, setting goals, following your dream)?

  • Coordinating (arranging, forecasting, planning)?

  • Centering (meditating, calming, grounding)?

  • Discerning (listening, entraining with others, waiting with)?

  • Nurturing (giving, bringing out the best, potentiating)?

  • Crafting (designing, giving in to the creative process)?

  • Synthesizing (aligning, integrating all of the above)?

Whatever you answer is fine. Now, mentally place your answer in the broader context of your entire life story. Notice what is unfolding now (current challenges, transitions, successes). These may just be the result of the dance between your soul and your personality. You can only feel your way into the presence of your happening life. The Attractions will help you.

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Are You Attracted to Your Destiny

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